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Joomla eCommerce Templates

We at Template Mela are proud to provide you with our high end and unique quality selection of Joomla eCommerce Templates. Joomla is supposed to be one of the internet's most reliable solutions for maintaining your site. We at Template Mela offer all types of Joomla eCommerce themes to satisfy all of your needs. 

Joomla is free open source Content Management System built in PHP and Mysql. It is most popular Content Management System available nowadays. It features strong modules of content management, user management, media manager, poll, template manager and many more. Joomla templates are easy to install and use.

Our joomla ecommerce templates are particularly designed for Joomla CMS. We provide professional and high quality premium joomla templates with advanced functionality features. Our specially designed templates are developed by our qualified professional designers who try to maintain the latest trends while developing these wonderful themes. We are trying to design eCommerce Joomla Templates for all businesses. Our premium joomla ecommerce templates are designed with SEO standards. Joomla Templates from us are easy to setup as well as customize. We also offer a large selection of highly efficient, reliable and out-of-the-box joomla templates.

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95 items found

  • Medicine Virtuemart Theme

    Medicine Virtuemart Theme
    $49 One-time fee
  • Fashion Store Virtuemart Theme

    Fashion Store Virtuemart Theme
    $49 One-time fee
  • Electronics Virtuemart Template

    Electronics Virtuemart Template
    $49 One-time fee
  • Watches Store Virtuemart Theme

    Watches Store Virtuemart Theme
    $49 One-time fee
  • Apparel Store Virtuemart Theme

    Apparel Store Virtuemart Theme
    $49 One-time fee
  • Stationery Virtuemart Theme

    Stationery Virtuemart Theme
    $49 One-time fee
  • Gift Store Virtuemart Theme

    Gift Store Virtuemart Theme
    $49 One-time fee
  • Electronics Virtuemart Template

    Electronics Virtuemart Template
    $49 One-time fee
  • Beauty Store Virtuemart Theme

    Beauty Store Virtuemart Theme
    $49 One-time fee
  • Kids Store Virtuemart Template

    Kids Store Virtuemart Template
    $49 One-time fee
  • Chocolate Virtuemart Theme

    Chocolate Virtuemart Theme
    $49 One-time fee
  • Lingerie Virtuemart Template

    Lingerie Virtuemart Template
    $49 One-time fee