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Is a 4-Hour Workday Your Dream? Get To It With 260+ Pre-Built Websites

You might think that you have the needed skills to get by financially on a 4-hour workday.  Yet, it can be challenging to figure out how to get started down that path. As it is at the moment, even 8-hour workdays aren’t always enough to meet your deadlines. Also, keeping you clients happy and satisfied is another concern.

Most likely, it’s neither your skills nor your talent that’s the problem. It’s the approach you take to your work or the tools you’re using, that keep you shackled to a standard 8-hour workday.

It’s easier to make the switch than you might think.

  1. Be Theme Can Remove 4 Hours from Your Schedule in 1 Second Flat

Be Theme is one of Themeforest’s top selling WordPress themes. With this theme, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish in 4 hours.

How about building a website from scratch and delivering it, for example? The secret lies in having ready access to over 260 pre-built websites. You can install any one of them with a single click; then customize it to meet your client’s needs. This cool 40-second video demonstrates how easy it is to get a 4-hour work session underway.

With Be Theme, you won’t waste time looking for the perfect match for a client’s niche. You will be able to customize the content of a pre-built website in a breeze.

  1. 10 Most-Common Types of Clients You’ll Win Over with Be Theme

For Clients That Sell Online Courses: Be eLearning

Building an eLearning website need not be challenging. This responsive and easy-to-customize pre-built website guarantees you’ll give your clients exactly what they want and need – an e-learning platform that will entice customers to keep coming back for more.

For Small Businesses Owners: Be Craftbeer

Be Craftbeer has all the ingredients to get your website design and development off to a great start for a client selling handcrafted products. This pre-built website, with its cool JavaScript effects and large images will, in fact, serve you well when you need to build a website for almost any small business.

For Interior Design & Architecture Industry Clients:  Be Tiles

You may not fully understand an interior architect/designer’s business model, but delivering a website based on Be Tiles will make you look like an expert on the subject. Be Tiles’ high-quality images and design elements provide the base you need to make any product stand out.

For Those in the Creative Industries: Be Artist

Innovation is the watchword for clients representing this niche, and their tastes and standards can often be difficult to accommodate. Be Artist, with its JavaScript portfolio filtering and parallax scrolling, makes meeting these standards and the need for an innovative approach a piece of cake.

For Clients Working in the Catering Industry:  Be Burger

Don’t just settle for a “great” catering service website design. Build one for your client that stands out from the crowd. After all, that’s what they are counting on you to do. Large, good-enough-to-eat images, and Be Burger’s easy order forms will do the trick.

For Clients in the Health and Fitness Industries: Be Sports Club

Health, fitness, and sports clubs keep growing in popularity, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at most of the websites. With the Be Sports Club pre-built website to get your web design underway, you’ll have clients in this popular niche lining up for your services.

For Your Travel and Lodging Industry Clientele: Be Hotel2

High-end hotels and resorts will pay well for the website services they need. You needn’t be afraid of charging a premium price when you can install a pre-built website like this one, customize it to fit your client’s needs, and delivered an awesome product within a few hours.

For Owners of a Restaurant or Bistro: Be Restaurant

Be Restaurant provides a design concept you can take and run with if you truly want to wow your client(s) with a website unlike anything the competition has to offer. It was designed to meet the needs of a Michelin-rated restaurant, a restaurant you’ll likely find at a destination resort or the quaint bistro around the corner.

For Your IT Clients: Be VPN

IT clients expect you to be serious and innovative in your design approach and provide them with a website that’s well-structured and highly professional in appearance. With Be VPN as a starting point, it’s easy to do. Adding a human touch or two to the design won’t hurt any either.

For Your Clients Who Sell Luxury Cars: Be Car

A luxury car dealership deserves an elegant and engaging website the matches its high-end products. Be Car, with its stunning hero image and astute use of white space, does precisely that. Customizing Be Car to include the dealer’s information should take you 4 hours max.

  1. So, What’s Keeping You Away from Your Dream?

Is it a bad case of procrastination that’s keeping you away from your 4-hour working day dream? Or is it a fear of change, and a reluctance to leave your comfort zone; which really isn’t all that comfortable, is it? Also, there’s a fear that by working less, you’ll automatically earn less.

Ask yourself this. Would you like to know the way of finishing a project that would normally take a day or two of your time in a couple of hours?

Look no further than Be Theme. Explore in detail one or more of the ten examples you’ve just seen. You will discover that much or the up-front design and development work has already been done for you! This will save you a ton of time that you can reserve for the beach!


Right now, it is the best time possible to take the leap. It’s not a leap into the unknown either. You’ll know right away what you’ve gotten into, and you’ll like what you see. Turning out a website from scratch in 4 hours may have seemed like a pipe dream up until now.

Just select the pre-built website and have the content and images at hand to start customizing it. Next thing, you will discover your newfound ability to deliver the high-quality website! You client will get the desired material in no time, and you can take the afternoon off!

Read More at Is a 4-Hour Workday Your Dream? Get To It With 260+ Pre-Built Websites

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Simple WordPress Snippets to Enhance Your Secondary Navigation

One of the great things about WordPress is the ability to reuse snippets of code over and over again within your themes. With that, you can build in ways to make websites easier to use.

In this article, we’re going to explore ways to enhance secondary navigation. In other words, navigation that is in addition to your site’s main menu. Adding these extra elements can further help users get where they need to go and discover content they may have otherwise missed.

Here are four such snippets you can use in your WordPress themes. While they’ll work as-is, it’s a good idea to add your own custom styles to ensure a perfect fit with your site.

Where to Place Code Snippets: The snippets below can be placed directly into your theme’s template files. The exact file may depend on your particular theme (check the Template Hierarchy for ideas). And, to some degree, it’s a matter of personal preference.  Use them where you think they’ll best serve your users.

It may also be a good idea to use conditional statements so that snippets are only displayed when certain conditions are met. For example, you might not want a particular snippet to run on your site’s home page.

Easily Navigate Within a Section of Pages

1. Easily Navigate Within a Section of Pages

if (  $post->post_parent ) { 
    $children =  wp_list_pages( array( 
        'title_li' =>  '',
        'child_of' =>  $post->post_parent, 
        'echo'     => 0 
    )  ); 
} else { 
    $children =  wp_list_pages( array( 
        'title_li' =>  '', 
        'child_of' =>  $post->ID, 
        'echo'     => 0 
    )  );
if (  $children ) : ?> 
        <?php  echo $children; ?> 
<?php endif; ?>

Source:  WordPress Code Reference

This code makes for a great secondary navigation menu that could be used, for example, within a sidebar. It automatically displays the pages within the current section you’re browsing.

As an example, let’s say your site has an About Us page, with subpages for History, Mission Statement and Staff. Users will be able to more easily navigate between the various pages within this section as a bulleted list of links.

Breadcrumb Style Page Titles

2. Breadcrumb Style Page Titles

<h1  class="entry-title">
//  Conditional Statement to Check for a Parent Post
if($post->post_parent)  {
$parent_title = get_the_title($post->post_parent);
$parent_link = get_page_link($post->post_parent);
// Display Parent Post Link, Title and Separator
echo '<span  class="parent-title"><a target="_blank" href="' . $parent_link .  '">' . $parent_title . '</a></span>' . '&nbsp;<span  class="title-arrow">›</span>&nbsp; ';
// Display  the Current Page Title

This snippet will check to see if the current page has a parent. If so, the parent page’s link and title are displayed within the H1 tag at the top of the page. An arrow character is also displayed between the parent and current page title to complete the breadcrumb look.

Note that this breadcrumb effect only goes one level deep. So you’ll have to adjust the code if you want to link to multiple levels (Parent » Level 1 » Level 2).

JS Dropdown Menu of Tags

3. JS Dropdown Menu of Tags

// Show a  Drop Down Menu of Tags
echo  "<select  onChange="document.location.href=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;">";
echo  "<option>Choose a Tag:</option>n";
foreach (get_tags() as $tag) {
echo '<option value="' . get_tag_link($tag->term_id) .  '">' . $tag->name . '</option>n';
echo  "</select>";

If your site takes advantage of WordPress post tags, it may be useful to provide a simple way for users to navigate between them. This is particularly effective for sites with a lot of tags.

For example, a project I worked on used tags as a way to filter posts by a relevant geographic region (of which there were dozens). This dropdown menu utilizes JavaScript to instantly direct the user to whichever tag they choose. You can also do something similar with categories.

Post Archive Pagination

4. Post Archive Pagination

the_posts_pagination(  array(
'mid_size' => 5, // The number of pages displayed in the menu.
'prev_text' => __( '&laquo; Go Back', 'textdomain' ), // Previous  Posts text.
'next_text' => __( 'Move Forward &raquo;', 'textdomain' ), // Next  Posts text.
) );

Source: WordPress Code Reference

While many WordPress themes have a simple back and forth navigation for post archives, it’s a nice touch to add individual page numbers to the mix. It allows for navigating to a specific page and also gives the user a sense of your content depth.

Note the 'mid_size' argument in the code above. The number placed there will determine the amount of pages seen between the Next and Previous text links.

Give Users a Helping Hand

Each of the snippets above can bring some measure of organization to how users access your content. This is especially important on sites that have a lot of subpages or blog posts. In the case of subpages, primary navigation can become overwhelming if you try to display each and every subpage. Adding some basic secondary navigation elements provide a more straightforward way for users to find what they’re looking for.

It’s also worth noting that these snippets are meant to be used as starting points. The flexibility of PHP and CSS allow you to add your own custom functionality and look. In many ways, you’re limited only by your own imagination.

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10 Free WordPress Plugins to Help with Legal Compliance

Part of doing business on the web these days is ensuring that you are in compliance with local, national and international law. While laws can vary from place to place and by what type of website you’re running, there are WordPress plugins to help you with those responsibilities.

While nothing here should be substituted for actual legal advice (if you have questions, ask someone whose job it is to know the answers), here’s a list of plugins to help with compliance issues, broken down by category.

EU Cookie Law

Cookie Notice by dFactory

Cookie Notice by dFactory provides an easy way to let your site’s visitors know about your use of cookies. You can customize a notice that will appear either on the top or bottom of the page. Users can accept, decline or read more about your policies via clickable buttons.

Cookie Notice by dFactory

Cookie Law Info

Cookie Law Info will create a customizable banner to inform visitors of your cookie policies. The banner can be automatically removed after a few seconds or you can require the user to accept your terms manually.

Cookie Law Info

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Automattic, the company behind, have created both a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy under the Creative Commons Sharealike license. Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy brings these documents to your site. Simply add your organization’s info in the plugin settings and display the documents via a WordPress Shortcode. This plugin is meant for sites based in the United States.

Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Guerrilla’s Legal Pages

Guerrilla’s Legal Pages makes it easy to add Privacy, Terms of Service and DCMA Policy to your site. Install the plugin, activate it and the pages will be automatically generated with your website’s name and URL.

Guerrilla's Legal Pages


WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance

Those running WooCommerce can take the pain out of VAT with WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance. It will record a customer’s location, show VAT calculations in the backend and automatically add VAT to product pricing. You can even block out EU customers if you’d rather not collect VAT at all.

WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance

EDD Quaderno

EDD Quaderno helps to make Easy Digital Downloads shops compliant with VAT and the intricacies of other locales. It will also create improved versions of the standard EDD receipts. To use the plugin, you’ll need a Quaderno account.

EDD Quaderno

Age Verification

Easy Age Verifier

Some websites will need to verify a user’s age before allowing them to browse. With Easy Age Verifier, you may set a required age (the default is 21 – legal drinking age in the US) and a form will appear for user input. The form is also customizable.

Easy Age Verifier

Age Verify

Age Verify is a simple way to ask for a user’s age. Choose the required minimum age for users to move on and browse your site and set a cookie to remember them on future visits.

Age Verify

Digital Signatures

Gravity Forms Signature Add-On

This unofficial add-on for Gravity Forms will allow users to digitally sign documents on your website. There’s also a version for Ninja Forms.

Gravity Forms Signature Add-On

Contact Form 7 Signature Addon

Contact Form 7 Signature Addon lets you add a handwritten signature field to Contact Form 7. Signatures can be sent to you as an attachment.

Contact Form 7 Signature Addon

Keeping it Legal

Granted, it can be a bit of a hassle to keep track of compliance issues. But that doesn’t make it any less vital to do so. WordPress plugins are there to make the task a bit easier – even automating the process is some cases.

So, there’s no excuse for slacking! Take some time to learn your responsibilities as a website owner and use the handy plugins above to help you manage. Obviously, the use of these plugins alone won’t make you compliant – but they will help set you on the right path.

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How to Add Mobile Navigation to Your WordPress Theme

Ensuring that your website looks and functions properly on a mobile device is no longer an optional practice. Mobile web use is expected to account for as much as 68% of all internet traffic in 2017. Coupled with how a lack of a mobile-optimized site can hurt SEO, mobile compatibility is essential if you want to stay competitive.

While most ready-made free and commercial WordPress themes are responsive and have mobile navigation systems in place, those of us who create our own custom themes are always looking for creative solutions.

Today, we’ll look at one method for adding an attractive and functional mobile navigation system to your WordPress theme. If you’re comfortable with editing some code and uploading a few files, it’s a very simple process. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need

  • A WordPress Theme – If you have a starter theme or work with a framework, it’s best to start there. But this will work with an existing theme as well (just make sure to use a child theme if necessary).
  • SlickNav – This free, easy-to-implement script is quite flexible. It will allow you to create an ARIA compliant mobile menu that degrades nicely for non-JavaScript browsers. Do take note that SlickNav requires jQuery to run, which is already included with your WordPress install.
  • Web Hosting Account with FTP/File Manager access or a Local Server setup.

Tip: It is recommended that you test all of this out on either a staging or local site first to avoid any problems with your live site.

Step 1: Upload SlickNav

SlickNav Responsive Mobile Navigation

SlickNav is very lightweight, so only two files from their download package are required to make things work:

  • jquery.slicknav.min.js
  • slicknav.css (tweak this file to match the style of your site)

Upload both to your server (preferably to a separate folder inside your theme’s directory) and take note of their location.

Step 2: Create a JavaScript File

SlickNav will need to be initialized through JavaScript. While you could simply add the script to your theme’s header.php, it’s recommended to load scripts in WordPress from an external JS file.

So, create a new file and call it whatever you like. In this example, it will be called: siteloader.js

Add the following code to your JS file (note that we are using jQuery in no-conflict mode for compatibility with WordPress):

// Add SlickNav Mobile Menu

Take special note of the #primary-menu mention in the above code. You should change this to match the ID of your theme’s main navigation menu (or any other navigation area you’d like to turn into a responsive mobile menu).

Tip: You may also have to assign this menu as your primary theme location inside WordPress.

There are more options available for configuring the script to your liking. Take a look at SlickNav’s Usage section for more information.

Step 3: Edit functions.php

Next, we’ll add calls to SlickNav and the new JavaScript file we created to our theme’s functions.php file so that they load along with WordPress. Depending on the setup of your theme, the code will look something like this:

// Load Mobile Navigation
function mobilenav_scripts() {

// Load SlickNav
wp_enqueue_script( 'mobilenav-slickjs', get_template_directory_uri() . '/path/to/jquery.slicknav.min.js', array('jquery') );

wp_register_style( 'slicknav-css', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/path/to/slicknav.css');
wp_enqueue_style( 'slicknav-css' );

// Load Custom JS File
wp_enqueue_script( 'mobilenav-init', get_template_directory_uri() . '/path/to/siteloader.js', array('jquery'));


You’ll want to change the /path/to/ areas above to the proper path for your site.

Tip: Your theme may need slightly different code in order to work properly. Make sure to read any documentation or contact the developer for more info.

Step 4: Add some CSS

SlckNav Demo Menu

If you completed all the steps above and uploaded it all to your server, SlickNav would appear automatically – regardless of the user’s screen size. Therefore, we must make a few tweaks to our theme’s CSS in order to ensure that it shows up only on desired screen sizes. We’ll also want to hide our regular navigation menu from smaller screens.

In your theme’s CSS, add:

.slicknav_menu {

@media screen and (max-width: 800px;) {
/* #primary-menu is your theme’s original menu */
#primary-menu {

.slicknav_menu {

Set the max-width to the largest screen you’d like SlickNav to display. And once again adjust #primary-menu to match your theme’s main navigation.

Tip: Make sure to add a meta viewport tag in your theme’s header.php file if one doesn’t already exist.

Step 5: Final Upload and Testing

Finally, you’ll want to make sure to upload:

  • Your new JS file (siteloader.js in the example)
  • functions.php
  • Your edited CSS files

From there, it’s on to testing! Pull up your site on a mobile device or shrink your desktop browser to see SlickNav in action. You may find that a few style changes are necessary to make things fit in with the look of your site.

If all else fails, you could try these responsive navigation solutions.

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50 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes for 2017

WordPress themes can run the gamut from niche uses to all-purpose. They can also vary considerably in both quality and price. Note that, just because you’ve paid for a theme that doesn’t guarantee quality.

While there is no shortage of premium themes available for purchase, the quality of free WordPress themes can sometimes exceed the expectations that you would have for something that can be downloaded and used for free.

We’ve collected some of the best free WordPress themes for building your site in 2017. The themes have all been developed to the highest of standards by some of the top names in the WordPress community, all are responsive, so will adapt to any screen size, and all have been designed with latest design trends in mind.

Not a professional designer/developer? Not to worry. Some of the themes below feature page builders, allowing you to create complex, feature-rich layouts with no coding necessary. Likewise, there are themes aimed at professionals looking for a basic starting point in their site development. There is something here for just about every need and skill level.

To make things easier, we’ve categorized the themes for you. There are themes for Writers & Storytellers, Photographers, Creative Portfolios, Businesses & Corporate Sites, Ecommerce & Shopping, Bloggers, Magazine Layouts, Masonry Layouts and Landing Pages.

Themes for Writers & Storytellers


Built to let your words stand out, Libre is a theme that specializes in long-form writing.

Libre free Long-Form Writing Blog wordpress theme


Saga helps authors emphasize their writing and photography in beautiful ways. Mobile navigation is built right in.

Saga theme beautiful typography storytellers


Longform lets you tell your story in unique ways with the ability to publish posts in chapters, timelines and other attractive formats.

Longform telling great stories


Qwerty is a WordPress theme that doesn’t come with many frills or dependencies. It’s built for speed and putting your content front and center.

Qwerty minimal longform writing theme


Editor features beautiful typography and a uniquely functional tabbed sidebar. The tabbed sidebar content allows you to go well beyond the standard collection of widgets.

Editor typography wordpress theme writers bloggers


Radcliffe is a simple, yet lovely theme featuring large, full-width images and stand-out headlines.

Radcliffe wordpress image heavy theme writers blog content first

If you’re looking for even more themes for writers, we have also published this collection: Free WordPress Themes For Writers & Bloggers.

Themes for Photographers


Pho brings a masonry-styled layout to feature your photography. There are also several font choices included to help your words make an impact.

Pho wordpress free minimalist gallery masonry theme designers photographers

Tography Lite

Tography uses CSS animations to add an interactive feel your photo blog. The included filterable portfolio lets users quickly view the various categories of your work.

Tography Lite wordpress minimal free photography theme


Fullscreen is a one-column theme that features a unique, side-scrolling home page with a clickable gallery.

One column photography new responsive free WordPress themes Fullscreen


Like the layout of Pinterest? Gridsby offers a similar grid layout that opens your photos up into an opaque window.

Gridsby Pinterest free photo blogging wordpress theme creatives


Tracks is a “bold and beautiful” theme that really gives each post its own moment in the sun. Large photos and bold typography make for an attractive, yet uncluttered feel.

Tracks bold theme free wordpress photographers bloggers


Isola is created by the folks at Automattic, so you know this clean theme will both look great and use WordPress best practices.

Isola clean theme wordpress free writing photographs videos boldly


Also from Automattic, Espied is a responsive, grid-style theme that provides great visuals of your work.

Espied grid-styled portfolio wordpress theme designers photographers

Themes for Building a Creative Portfolio


Daily comes with a full screen intro panel and a very clean, well-spaced interface.

Daily wordpress minimal portfolio blogger theme


Illustratr features bold typography and a grid-style portfolio layout. There’s also an expandable footer area.

Illustratr wordpress free super minimalist portfolio theme


StanleyWP is a WordPress theme based on Twitter Bootstrap that features a drag-and-drop home page builder. A very simple and clean layout.

StanleyWP flat theme free wordpress designer work simple beautiful


Proper exudes class with its simple layout and use of CSS animations/transitions.

Proper wordpress theme creatives css animation


Gridby is a lovely Bootstrap theme that places your portfolio in a stunning grid display. There’s also an equally exciting storytelling layout that adds in bold typography.

Gridby free wordpress Bootstrap WP theme creatives portfolio

Beetle Go

Beetle Go is aimed at those who want a clean, attractive way to display their portfolio. It features parallax scrolling, lots of built-in icons and several interesting layouts.

Beetle Go Free WordPress Theme for Creatives


Sketch is a very clean and minimal portfolio theme that lets your images do the talking.

Sketch free wordpress spacious minimal portfolio theme


Pure includes lots of great layouts and built in features like pricing tables, tabbed content viewers, buttons, icons to bring your portfolio to life.

Pure simple wordpress free playful theme creative professionals

Themes for Business & Corporate Sites


Primer is a clean and spacious WordPress theme that’s perfect for small businesses.

wordpress free theme primer business clean spacious


Sydney brings bold imagery, built-in features like a slider, animated charts, filterable portfolios and a stunning layout to promote your business.

Sydney powerful business theme companies freelancers free wordpress


Using a drag-and-drop page builder, Make provides a number of gorgeous layouts. It’s great for online stores as it is compatible with both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Make powerful open-source drag drop page builder multi-purpose theme business wordpress


BLDR features a page builder and enough goodies packed in to create just about any type of website. Special page templates are included for testimonials, service lists and projects.

BLDR multi-purpose WordPress free theme page builder


Zeal is a stylish multi-purpose theme that can be used to build any type of site quickly.

Zeal stylish multi-purpose wordpress theme


Materialab is a Material Design-inspired WordPress theme, for businesses and bloggers.


If you’re looking for more free themes businesses, you should checkout this collection: Free WordPress Themes for Small Businesses.

WordPress Themes for Ecommerce & Shopping

Ocin Minimal WooCommerce Theme

Ocin is a gorgeous WooCommerce theme for anyone looking to give their online store a clean and minimal appearance.

ocin woocommerce wordpress theme store free minimal clean


Mystile is a free WooCommerce theme that is a bit of a blank canvas. It can be a great starting point for creating a beautiful and functional store.

Mystile clean fast speedy bare-bones ecommerce free wordpress WooCommerce theme


Hype works with the Shopify Ecommerce platform and allows you to combine it with the power of WordPress.

Hype Free eCommerce Theme WordPress shopify


Store brings a clean interface and intuitive design to help you sell with WooCommerce.

Store clean easy WordPress setup WooCommerce theme

If you’re looking for the most current WordPress ecommerce plugins and resources, you should take a look at this post: WordPress Plugins for Adding Ecommerce to Your Site.

Themes for Bloggers


Windmill is a free WordPress blogging theme with the bonus of being compatible with WooCommerce.

wordpress free theme windmill blog woocommerce typography


Bravado Theme is a minimally designed WordPress theme for personal blogging.

wordpress free theme personal blog minimal


Hew includes a nice splash of color and an expandable header that opens up to navigation and other available widgets.

Hew clean personal blog theme free wordpress


Eighties is a single-column blogging theme. There is a sidebar, but it is only available by clicking an icon, which opens it up into a nice overlay window.

Eighties simple single column theme contentfree wordpress


Intergalactic uses large photos along with bold typography in order to create a slick look while also being highly readable.

Intergalactic single-column theme distraction free environment reading content wordpress free


Nulis was built as a single-column blogging theme that makes great use of whitespace and featured images for you posts.

Nulis minimal free wordpress single-column theme personal blogging


Casper, inspired by the Ghost blogging platform, is a super-minimal WordPress theme that ensures your content is front and center.

Casper port Ghost super-minimal Casper theme free WordPress


Allure is a very modern WordPress theme for fashion bloggers. That said, it could also be a good choice for photography or travel blogs as well.

Allure wordpress theme free wordpress specifically built fashion bloggers photographers


Gateway features an elegant look with an array of useful shortcodes through use of a separate plugin.

Gateway wordpress classy theme customizable home content free


Receptar is inspired by modern cookbooks and takes advantage of a tantalizing split-screen look on individual blog posts. The navigation is especially delicious.

Receptar free theme split-screen book typography design inspired modern cook books


Rams is simple and stylish. The theme is compatible with many JetPack features like infinite scroll and tiled photo galleries.

Rams clean minimalist theme wordpress free style bloggers


Vito sports a very simple layout along with some CSS animation to add a touch of class.

Vito clean spacious theme bloggers wordpress free


Lingonberry uses WordPress post formats to create an attractive way for different types of content to stand out.

Blogging Lingonberry post formats responsive free WordPress themes


Yuuta will feature your posts as a “visual diary”. You can even add a background image to each post.

Yuuta free WordPress theme designed visual diary


Hoffman is a great theme for showing off your photos. There is a nice slider feature for individual posts.

Hoffman stylish minimal WordPress theme free bloggers


Moments is a modern-looking theme that makes great use of colorful accents. It’s just the right mix of style.

Moments free wordpress clean blogging theme with bold typography

Themes for Magazine Layouts

Good Magazine

Good Magazine is a clean and responsive WordPress theme that’s perfect for any content-rich publication.

Good Magazine free wordpress theme


Have a lot of content to feature? Bloggr is a magazine-style theme that makes good use of columns to help you feature multiple articles.

Bloggr wordpress free content focused theme bloggers magazine layouts


Semicolon uses a simple grid-layout of posts that lets you display lots of content without overwhelming your visitors.

Semicolon free simple clean magazine theme WordPress


JustWrite displays content in a way reminiscent of some of the top news sites. It’s advertising-friendly, as well.

Acosmin feature-rich clean magazine free wordpress theme

Themes for Masonry & Tumblog Layouts


Fukasawa is a masonry theme that is great for displaying photos or perhaps even Pinterest-like news and resources.

Fukasawa free wordpress minimal masonry blog theme for photographers


Crates is a “tumblog” theme that uses a grid system. There’s also an optional 2 column blog layout to make an extra impact.

Tumblog style new responsive free WordPress themes Crates


Nova uses masonry to get your content seen in an elegant way. It’s also WooCommerce friendly.

freebies designers web Nova WordPress Theme Tumblog-style


Great for showing off your artwork, Pieces can help you create a lovely collection of content.

Grid-based blogging portfolio new free responsive WordPress themes Pieces

Themes for Landing Pages


LandingSumoWP20 takes advantage of a drag-and-drop page builder to let you quickly create a stunning landing page.

LandingSumoWP20 fantastic features drag and drop layout manager builder wordpress free landing page setup

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14 Useful WordPress Themes for Your 2017 Projects

Looking for a WordPress theme?

The options seem endless; and it can be a bit overwhelming. Any old theme won’t do. You want one that enables you to build awesome websites, while providing the best value for your money.

What to look for:

  • An Aesthetically Pleasing Design: If you plan on being in business for a while, be sure to select a modern, aesthetically pleasing theme that won’t need major changes over the long term.
  • SEO Friendliness: Getting plenty of traffic is all-important, but it’s only going to happen if your website is SEO friendly. Select a theme that displays this capability.
  • Easy Customization: A theme that is easy to customize will give you plenty of design flexibility. And will save you tons of time in the process. Why pay for a product that puts you in a creative straitjacket?
  • Quality Support: Getting a response to a problem via email within 3-5 business days is not quality support. Look for a theme that gets you in touch with a customer service rep right away, or promises a rapid response. Forums and videos are helpful too.

Be Theme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Be Theme Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Be Theme, the biggest WordPress theme ever, is also one of the most versatile and popular. It has every feature you’ve come to look for in a multi-purpose theme, plus several you won’t find in most other WP themes.

Be’s showcase feature is its more than 230 pre-built websites to choose from. They cover all the common website types, as well as the major business niches. Each of these pre-built websites is professionally designed in terms of their appearance and functionality. They are aesthetically pleasing and modern in appearance, and they provide a solid foundation for creating an engaging UX.

With Muffin Builder 3 and Visual Composers as your page-building options, along with 200+ shortcodes, there’s no need for coding, no matter how much detail you include in your design. Other Be Theme features include 20 customizable header styles, SEO ready, Retina Ready, and Responsive, plus its powerful Admin Panel and the practically limitless selection of design options.

The Core – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

The Core  Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

The Core is another multi-purpose WordPress theme that has much to offer. Its users love how its backend Advanced Visual Builder not only makes website building intuitive, but gives them complete, real-time control throughout the design process.

The Core comes with 20+ thematic demos, each of which can be installed with a single click, along with The Core Main. The Core Main is a multipurpose demo that you’ll find many uses for. The other demo designs have been carefully crafted for use in building a particular website type, theme, or industry.

Other key features include three sliders and an excellent selection of shortcodes that, along with the visual builder, eliminates any need for coding. The Core is Responsive, and WooCommerce and Retina ready. The three purchase plans include the lifetime plan, an excellent buy if you intend to become a long-term, heavy user.

Enfold – Multi-Purpose Theme

Enfold - Multi-Purpose Theme

The fact that Enfold is a ThemeForest best-rated top seller says a great deal. ThemeForest is well known for its line of high-quality products. Enfold is an extremely versatile WordPress theme.

Enfold offers a top-notch selection of quality demos. While you can import any one of them with a single click, an especially attractive feature is the ability to combine features from several demos as your design unfolds. Many users rely mainly on the Enfold default demo to get the job done, but the ability to borrow elements from other demos is still there.

Quality support is something you should expect when selecting a WP theme. You’ll receive nothing less than top support from the Enfold team and from ThemeForest. You’ll get the proper answers to your questions, and whatever assistance you may need, and in good time. ThemeForest also offers a hosted version of Enfold.

Hestia PRO

Hestia PRO

If onepage websites are you forte, Hestia PRO will be an excellent choice. Hesta PRO is a onepage Material Design theme. Given its multiplicity of features and functions however, it fully qualifies as a multi-purpose theme.

Hesta PRO is Responsive and WooCommerce ready. You’ll also discover that its layouts are glamourous. It’s a great choice for startups.

Houzez – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Houzez - Real Estate WordPress Theme

While any web designer can use a multi-purpose theme, many are better served by a specialty theme like Houzez, that focuses on a certain business niche or industry. As its name implies, Houzez is a WP theme destined for real estate agents and agencies. Its interior pages are specifically designed to fit the needs of the real estate industry.

Divi 3.0

Divi 3.0

Divi has, since its launch, been an Elegant Themes top seller, and with the release of Divi 3.0 it’s popularity has soared. Much of that is due Divi Builder, its state-of-the-art page building tool.

You’ll find plenty of use for the 20+ pre-made layouts as well, plus the feature that lets you preview device type displays and adjust your design accordingly.

KLEO – Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

KLEO - Pro Community Focused Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

KLEO was BuddyPress’s top-rated theme in 2016, and its popularity should only increase in 2017. KLEO is a community-oriented theme that can boast of such features as a Facebook login, Pricing and Price Comparison tables, a Geo Directory, and an e-learning system. KLEO’s advanced page builder and modular approach make building a portfolio, blog, or shop almost ridiculously easy.

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

You should have a workable concept in mind before you start to design a website. This is where Uncode sparkles. Uncode offers several concept categories, blog, classic, shop, etc., with several concepts in each category. The Enhanced Visual Composer, Adaptive Images, and Advanced Grid System, along with many other features, allow you to turn any of these engaging concepts into a sparkling website, portfolio, or shop.

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem has been called by some the “Swiss Army Knife” of WP themes. It is so loaded with features, and so flexible, that it would be difficult to image a website type that you could not create with it. In addition to more than 40 design concepts, there are 150 awesome demo pages to work with, along with a host of navigation settings and styles.

Ultra WordPress Theme

Ultra WordPress Theme

Ultra, Themify’s most powerful WP theme, is a genuine time saver if you’re in the market for a great theme for creating client sites. Its pre-made demo sites and single-click demo setup provide the content, menus, widgets, and other features you need to get your design off to a rapid start.

Another impressive feature is Ultra’s selection of design skins, with which you can make your websites truly unique in their appearance.

Impreza WordPress Theme

Impreza WordPress Theme

Impreza is impressing! It has every feature you would expect to find in a premium WordPress theme. Rather than a selection of headers to choose from, Impreza lets you design your own with its visual header builder, plus 14 templates to help you along. There are, of course, a host of other impressive features as well.

Test drive it for free; and see how small details can make a big impression.

XStore – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

XStore - Responsive WooCommerce Theme

XStore is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a theme that makes e-commerce look easy. This king-size theme was created with one thing in mind; to help you and others create professional-looking online shops that are guaranteed to gain user trust. XStore is user friendly, and the shops you can build using it will provide a friendly UX as well. All this, and you don’t even need special technical skills or coding skills.

Kalium WordPress Theme

Kalium WordPress Theme

If the minimalist look is a favored design trend of yours, Kalium should be right up your alley. Kalium’s hallmark feature is its selection of modern, minimalist demos. There are many other great features too, including shortcodes, bonus elements, unlimited options, and popular plugins (including Visual Composer). Kalium also supports a host of plugins that are not included.

TheFox Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

TheFox Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

TheFox WordPress theme has been designed to the minutest detail. It’s the smartest WordPress theme on ThemeForest. It’s new, for real, multi-purpose, super flexible, and clever like a fox in the way it helps you create one outstanding website after another. Features include 30+ design demos, 250+ design details, Visual Composer with custom modules, and premium plugins. Check out TheFox Business demo and/or the Trending demo.

Wrapping it Up

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose theme, you’ll find it here, the same is true if you need a dedicated e-commerce theme, a onepage theme, or one dedicated to the real estate niche. Whichever you choose, expect to receive a quality product, with excellent support.

If you feel we’ve left something out, let us know. There’s a host of good WP themes out there; we simply chose those we believe to be the best of the lot.

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The 10 Best Free WordPress Membership Plugins

Adding membership capabilities to your WordPress website allows you to better serve users in a variety of ways. For example, having a member account can make tasks like adding and replying to comments more straightforward. Site owners can use memberships to keep sensitive content out of public view or even monetize content.

Here are some free plugins you can use to bring memberships to your WordPress website. Some cater to niche uses, while others aim to provide a full suite of functionality.

User Access Manager

User Access Manager provides an easy way to set permissions on your website’s content. Create a user group based on WordPress Roles & Capabilities and use the handy checkboxes to assign pages, categories or individual posts to that group. Users and content may also be assigned to more than one group.

User Access Manager wordpreess plugin free


Members is a complete solution for user and content control. You can edit and create new user roles, assign multiple roles to users and adjust content permissions – all in a slick GUI.

Members wordpreess plugin free

WP Members: Membership Framework

WP Members allows users to register, login and edit their accounts on the front end of your site – keeping them away from your WordPress dashboard. Registrations can be held for admin approval, adding an extra layer of security. The ability to set content permissions is also included.

WP Members: Membership Framework wordpreess plugin free

Peter’s Login Redirect

Peter’s Login Redirect lets you create login/logout/registration redirects for users by roles, capabilities or specific individuals. Very handy for those times when you want users to see specific content after they perform a member-related action.

Peters Login Redirect wordpreess plugin free

Remove Dashboard Access

Many times, site owners don’t want lower level users to have access to the WordPress dashboard. Remove Dashboard Access can be used to redirect users with specific roles or capabilities to another URL and keep them away from the dashboard.

Remove Dashboard Access wordpreess plugin free

User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Posts allows users to create content on the front end of your site. They can even upload images. Admins can set the status of submitted posts to draft, published or set to auto-publish after that user has a specific number of previously approved posts. There are lots of options to set things up to fit your needs.

User Submitted Posts wordpreess plugin free

ZM Ajax Login and Register

ZM Ajax Login and Register is a flexible plugin that enables users to (you guessed it) login and register on the front end of your site. The login form appears either as a modal window or directly on a page and can be customized to match your theme. There is also support for logging in with a Facebook account. A simple registration form can be added via a modal window or a page.

ZM Ajax Login and Register wordpreess plugin free

Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions

Sell memberships on your site with Membership & Content Restriction. You can create multiple levels of memberships, each with their own pricing. The plugin also includes member management and content restrictions. Lots of commercial add-ons are available to enable more functionality.

Membership & Content Restriction - Paid Member Subscriptions wordpreess plugin free

Multisite User Sync

Multisite User Sync will allow user accounts to function across multiple sites in a WordPress Multisite network. Simply install the plugin and either network activate if you want user accounts to work across all sites or activate only on the network sites you want to share user accounts.

Multisite User Sync wordpreess plugin free

Ultimate Member

Designed for creating advanced user community sites, Ultimate Member features front end registration/login/profiles, the ability to create a custom registration form and content restriction. You can also conditionally display menus, customize email templates and display a member directory. There are several add-ons available to enable WooCommerce integration, private messaging and more.

Ultimate Member wordpreess plugin free

Membership has its Benefits

The needs of membership sites can be very unique. Each has their own goals, challenges and desired functionality. Fortunately, there are WordPress plugins available for just about every type of membership site imaginable.

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21 CTA Based Plugins for Better On-Page Optimization

Using WordPress? Try These CTA Based Plugins for Better On-Page Optimization

WordPress powers nearly 5% of the entire web, and a quarter of the top 10,000 websites. Its ease of use, flexibility, and versatility account for its widespread adoption. Built with search engine optimization in mind, WordPress does a lot of the heavy lifting on the back end, but leaves on-page optimization up to you. The WordPress plugin repository comes to the rescue with a number of options for calls to action.

HubSpot found that using anchor text CTAs improved conversion rates by 121%. They also discovered that between 47% and 93% of a post’s leads only come from the anchor text CTAs. Data suggests that more than 90% of the visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy, and emails using a single CTA increased clicks 371%, with 1617% sales increases.

01.Hello Bar

Want to grab user attention right away, but want to be unobtrusive about it? Hello Bar creates a small bar that displays across the top of your website, to encourage email subscription sign up. It’s free and integrates with several of the top email marketing platforms including Aweber, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor.  You can also drive traffic to a page, and get some basic split testing capabilities to see which phrasing gets the best conversion rate. The plugin is free, but a premium version is available. Contact for pricing.


If you’re trying to build up your email list, OptinMonster is good to use because it because it provides a smooth opt-in box, rather than a popup. The form can be completely customized to your needs, or you can choose to use one of the many premade designs. It includes split-testing so you can see which copy converts the best for your audience, and provides page-level targeting so you can display different massages based on where visitors are on your website. Analytics are also built in, and it supports the most popular email marketing platforms. Pricing starts at $19/month, and annual plans are priced at $9/month.


Use MailMunch to create customizable calls to action that integrate with a number of email marketing platforms, including Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, InfusionSoft, MailChip, and AWeber, to name a few. Once you sign up for your free MailMunch account, you can create your choice of a top bar, pop-up, sidebar opt-in, or a scroll-triggered box. If you want to add forms to more than a single site, get analytics, and other features, there are premium options, starting at $9/month with discounts for annual plans.

04.SumoMe ListBuilder

SumoMe offers a number of free tools to help you grow your website. The List Builder allows you to create a lightbox popup to increase email subscriptions. It works with MailChimp, Constanct Contact, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Exact Target, and more. Premium plans allow you to get all the pro apps and pay only for the traffic your site uses. Plans start at $29/month, paid annually.

05.Exit Intent

When a visitor leaves your website, Exit Intent gives you one more chance to grab their attention and convert them. Use it to display a special offer message as they’re going to leave your website.


Pippity is a WordPress popup plugin that comes with 20 themes, all of which can be completely customized to fit your needs. The premium version includes analytics and split-testing so you can see what your audience responds best to. Pricing starts at $49/year.


Icegram is a free plugin designed to capture leads and call your visitors to action. It allows you to to use popups, header and footer bars, notifications, messengers, and more. Premium pricing, at either $49/year or $99/year adds more features.

08.WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro is a premium email subscription plugin, priced at $29. It gives you plenty of options to help increase your subscription base. Options include transition popups, sidebar widgets, and more. It integrates with many third-party email marketing platforms including MailChimp and AWeber. A free version is also available.

09.WordPress Calls to Actions

Part of the Inbound Now marketing suite, WordPress Calls to Action allows you to place advertisements and calls to action anywhere you want across your entire website, including posts, pages, widgets, and custom post types. You can also create variations in your calls to action to perform split-testing. The plugin includes some call to action templates, but you can also design your own. It’s possible to collect the form submission data and store it in the Inbound Now leads database. The free version gives you access to landing pages, calls to action, and lead management. Paid plans start at $10/month.

10.Opt-In Content Locker

Opt-In Content Locker is a premium plugin, priced at $15. It allows you to offer exclusive content on your website to your email subscribers. Use shortcodes to lock the content, and once someone is confirmed as a subscriber, they can view it.


Boxzilla allows you to build boxes that contain whatever you want, to slide or fade in at any point. You are in full control of the way the box looks, the way it is positioned, how it is animated, and how it fades. You also have the option to add-premium add-ons for $6/month or $60/year per site. You can choose to add features like triggering a box after a certain number of page views, after a certain amount of time spent on site, trigger a box when someone is leaving, hide boxes from current MailChimp subscribers, integrate with WooCommerce, and track all box interactions with Google Analytics.

12.Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet allows you to quickly and easily create custom tweets your visitors can send to Twitter with a click. This is great for promoting a contest, sale, or any other limited-time offer.

13.Bloom Email Opt-In

Bloom is one of the plugins from Elegant Themes, so you must join at either $89/year, or a one-time fee of $249 to gain access to it. It includes six display types, such as automatic opt-in popup or fly-in, inline, and widget areas. You also have the option to require the opt-in to unlock content. It works with 16 email marketing platforms, including InfusionSoft, AWeber, Feedblitz, and GetResponse.

14.Ultimate Social Media and Share Icons

Social buttons are CTAs of their own – telling visitors you want them to share the content on their favorite networks. Most visitors won’t take the time to manually share content on their own – so the buttons make it easy for them. While many themes have social media and share icons built in, for those that don’t, the Ultimate Social Media and Share Icons plugin will add icons for Facebook, Twitter, Email, RSS, and more than 200 other social channels. 16 icon designs are included, but there’s also the option to upload your own custom images.


MaxButtons offers a button generator, social icon, and social sharing plugin all in one. Create buttons to draw attention. The premium version costs $19 and includes more options for shapes, colors, and gradients. You can also add every button they’ve created, and any new buttons they create for a year, for another $80.

16.Mango Buttons

Mango Buttons is a free and simple plugin that allows you to add buttons anywhere in your pages or posts. You can add text and icons, and adjust colors to grab user attention.

17.Top Bar

Top Bar is a free plugin that allows you to add text with a linked button to the top of your WordPress pages, in an effort to drive traffic to another page. A premium version, priced at $12 for a single site, or $49 for unlimited sites, is available that allows you to further customize the user experience with colors, user restrictions, and timing.

18.PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination is a premium service, with pricing starting at $9/month, with discounts on annual plans. Pricing is based on popup views, ranging from 30,000 to 1 million. The platform works with all websites and email providers. It includes email themes, redirect themes, exit popups, split testing, popup triggers, split testing, analytics, and more.

19.Ninja Popups

A premium plugin available for $25, Ninja Popups includes a drag and drop visual editor to make it easy to create your own custom popups in no time. It includes more than 50 themes to help get you started, with eight free opt-in panels, and 74 animations. If that’s not enough, there are add-ons available for more widgets, themes, and opt-in bars. It works with many of the top email marketing platforms, such as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, Constant Contact, and more. It also includes an opt-in locker and social locker.

20.Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab offers quick and easy way to add a global call to action to your website. This plugin adds a vertical tab to either the left or right side of your site, and allows it to link to any page. The tab remains in place as the user scrolls, so it’s always visible.


PopupAlly allows you to create popup forms with exit intent, forms with a timed delay, or embed your subscription form below your content. You can choose between a free version and a premium version, priced at $97. The free version works with a number of platforms include GetResponse, InfusionSoft, iContact, MailChimp, and AWeber. The pro version adds more features, such as additional types of calls to action and analytics information.

Plugins Aren’t Going to Do It All – Photos and Placement Matter

CTA plugins can help, but they’re not going to do all the work for you. For optimal conversion rate, it’s important to use high-resolution photos and ensure they’re placed in the proper areas on your website. Grow & Convert estimates conversion rates for these common locations:

  • Sidebar: 0.5 – 1.5%
  • Generic: end-of-post: 0.5 – 1.5%
  • Pop-ups: 1 – 8%
  • Sliders and bars: 1 – 5%
  • Welcome gates: 10 – 25%
  • Featurebox: 3 – 9%
  • Navbar: Variable

Making changes to ensure your CTAs are relevant and well placed appropriately throughout can increase conversions and sales, along with average order value.

As long as you’re careful not to overload your WordPress install with too many plugins, there are many photography plugins available to help optimize your images, too.

When split-testing, change a single element at a time, so you can get a better idea of what affected the conversion rate. Play with things like colors, placement, and copy. With the help of CTA plugins, you’ll find better on-page optimization, and see growth in your business.

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Selling WordPress Themes for Profit – 3 Business Models You Need to Try

Selling WordPress themes is one of the most reliable ways to make money online as a WordPress theme developer. Unlike offering WordPress theme development service, selling themes let you open a steady stream of passive online income.

In fact, if you’ve been a freelancing for a while, you’ll know that working on client projects is not always fun. At times, the job can be tedious especially if you’re not good at dealing with various clients. Besides that, you’ll also need to spend a significant amount of time for hunting down new clients.

And those hours you put in for finding new clients are typically non-billable.

On the other hand, you can find many successful examples of making a full-time income by selling WordPress themes. But that doesn’t mean that selling is easy. Ideally, it is going to be tougher than making a living by offering freelance development services.

But in the long run, it is going to be more profitable than working on freelance projects.

In this post, I’ll explain everything you need to know about selling WordPress themes for profit.


Before jumping in to start creating an excellent theme to sell, you’ll need to research the market and brainstorm different selling options.

To get a plan, try to find answers for the following questions.

  • What kind of theme should you create? In what niche/category?
  • Where to sell your themes?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • How to sell your theme to masses?

Sell WordPress themes- Freemium model

It’s true that WordPress is the CMS of the choice of most websites out there, but that doesn’t guarantee that the theme you create will gain traction amongst WordPress users. As thousands of awesome WordPress themes are available in the market, it is harder to sell a premium theme especially if you’re just starting out as a premium seller.

One of the ways to gain traction amongst the users is to create a free WordPress theme at first. It may take some time to gain an initial traction, but once you took off, you can release a premium theme with premium features and support.

Leverage the community of WordPress official theme directory

First things first- create a WordPress theme and submit it to the WordPress official theme directory. allows you to add a link to your theme’s homepage right from the free theme page.

Once your theme started gaining traction, you can expect a significant amount of traffic to your website from the theme page.

  • Create a landing page and a demo site: Create a landing page specifically for selling your premium theme. For a quick solution, you may consider installing any of the landing page plugins on your website. You’ll also need to create a demo site so that users can figure out how it looks like.
  • Track onsite behavior: Install a free plugin like Leadin to track the onsite behavior of your potential customers. This plugin also tells you more details about them like what pages they’ve visited, when they return and what social networking sites they are on. The more data you have, the better marketing decision you can make to convert free users into customers.
  • Create a membership site: Aside from selling premium themes, you can even entice your potential customers to join your premium membership site. This can be a premium club for accessing all of your premium themes with dedicated support.
  • Promote your premium theme: One of the best things about freemium business model is that you can promote your premium theme within the free theme. That means as long as your customer is using your theme, you’ll be able to promote premium themes.

Sell on marketplaces

Selling your premium themes on a crowded marketplace is probably the easiest way to make a living as a seller. Unlike freemium model, you don’t need to offer anything for free. All you need to do is to start creating products and list it on marketplaces.

Below are a few popular premium WordPress themes marketplaces.

Themeforest is one of the best premium marketplaces for buying and selling WordPress themes. You can find a lot of Themeforest success stories out there similar to that of Ivar Rafn. In his first year as a WordPress theme seller, Ivan has made $97000 in sales by launching 4 premium WordPress themes and one HTML template.

All you need to do is to create a premium theme and launch it in the marketplace. Of course, you’ll need to ensure that your product is adhering to the quality guidelines of the marketplace. The design is the most important part. In order to get accepted, you’ll need to make it unique in terms of visual hierarchy, typography, semantics, etc.

The downside is that Themeforest is saturated. Unless you create something innovative, you can’t expect many sales to roll in. However, there is still room for more themes. Take a look at the categories list and create a theme in a category where competition is low.

Alternatively, you can upload your work on other less crowded marketplace and check if it helps you bring in more sales.

Sell on your own website

One of the biggest advantages of selling your theme on your website is that you get full control on what you sell and are not restricted by Terms of Services of any third-party platforms. In addition, you can keep all of your profits without sharing it with the marketplaces.

While selling on your own website is definitely more rewarding, you should look at the whole picture before jumping in to start selling on your own website.

The exposure you get from a marketplace is priceless, which you can’t achieve by selling your products on your own especially if your theme isn’t revolutionary or if you don’t have a strong reputation or big audience in place.

Below are a few tips to follow before you start selling on your own website

  • Grow a user base: If you’re looking forward to self-hosted selling, you’ll need to have a solid user base at first. You can grow your user base by leveraging one of the community-powered theme marketplaces before rolling out a self-hosted selling platform.
  • Create a marketing plan: ‘If you build it, they’ll come’ strategy could be disastrous. Instead, have a solid marketing plan and stick to it.

Do you plan to start creating premium themes? Which one is your favorite business model? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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10 Best Free Plugins to Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress is now powering over 27% of all websites. That’s a testament to its flexibility, ease-of-use and loads of free plugins and themes that are available. But that also means WordPress has a gigantic target on its back from malicious hackers and bots.

They’re constantly scanning for outdated installations and zero day vulnerabilities. Brute-force login attacks hit even the most lightly-trafficked sites.

It’s become absolutely imperative site owners take extra security measures. Some of that is done at the server level, but there is plenty you can do within WordPress itself. In fact, there are a plethora of free plugins out there that will harden WordPress and provide you with an extra layer of protection.

Let’s have a look:


With over one million active installs, WordFence is one of the most popular plugins out there. It will routinely scan your install for malicious code and has a real-time firewall that will help secure your site from known (and unknown) threats.

Advanced features like IP blocking and brute-force login protection can give site owners some peace of mind. The premium version includes country blocking, two-factor authentication and the firewall is updated in real time.



The WordPress jack-of-all-trades, JetPack has added some great security features in recent years. Brute-force login protection is included (and will proudly display how many malicious login attempts have been thwarted on the WP Dashboard).

There’s also a single sign on feature that works with your account.  Paid plans add spam blocking, malware scanning and more.


iThemes Security

This is a security suite (in plugin form) that will protect your site with brute-force protection, file change detection, requiring users to implement strong passwords and will even help you run your entire site in SSL. A Pro version enables malware scanning, password expiration and much more.

iThemes Security


Clef offers a unique method of adding two-factor authentication to WordPress. Users will need the Clef mobile app to scan the “Clef Wave” animated pattern that appears on your login screen with their phone. It’s password-less authentication. It also acts as a single sign on that can work across multiple sites.


All In One WP Security & Firewall

This plugin will scan your site’s user accounts to ensure that a user’s username and display name aren’t identical – a key method bots use to grab logins. User registration can also be set for admin approval – meaning you’ll have the ability to reject accounts you don’t trust.

You’ll also find brute-force protection, a firewall, malware scanning and protection for configuration files.

All In One WP Security and Firewall


Spam account registration can be a dangerous thing for a WordPress website. WP-SpamShield helps to eliminate registration spam, along with comment/trackback/pingback/contact form spam. The great thing is that it does so without using annoying CAPTCHA fields.


BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security will provide extra security for your site’s .htaccess file, logins, auth cookie expiration and allow for database backups. You can also set a time limit on idle WordPress sessions, which will log the user out of the system after a specified period of inactivity.

BulletProof Security

Really Simple SSL

One of the absolute best things you can do for security is to enable SSL on your site. Once you’ve acquired a SSL certificate and installed it on your server, Really Simple SSL will make sure your WordPress install is optimized to run under https.

Really Simple SSL

Shield WordPress Security

Formerly known as WordPress Simple Firewall, this plugin will automatically block out malicious URLs and requests. It will also protect your blog from spambot comments and adds two-factor authentication.

Shield WordPress Security

Hide My WordPress

One of the telltale signs a site is running WordPress is the use of the default /wp-admin/ and wp-login.php URLs. Hide My WordPress allows you to safely rename these login gateways to help avoid attacks.

Hide My WordPress

Special Note

Note that you should use caution when enabling more than one security plugin. Some can conflict with each other and lead to either a crashed site or a major performance hit. If you do plan to use more than one security plugin, do some research to see how they coexist.

Stay Safe Out There

While there is no silver bullet for securing WordPress (or any other CMS), there are steps you can take to thwart malicious attacks. Most bots and hackers are looking for easy targets. Using a security plugin makes things much more difficult to crack.

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