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Is a 4-Hour Workday Your Dream? Get To It With 260+ Pre-Built Websites

You might think that you have the needed skills to get by financially on a 4-hour workday.  Yet, it can be challenging to figure out how to get started down that path. As it is at the moment, even 8-hour workdays aren’t always enough to meet your deadlines. Also, keeping you clients happy and satisfied is another concern.

Most likely, it’s neither your skills nor your talent that’s the problem. It’s the approach you take to your work or the tools you’re using, that keep you shackled to a standard 8-hour workday.

It’s easier to make the switch than you might think.

  1. Be Theme Can Remove 4 Hours from Your Schedule in 1 Second Flat

Be Theme is one of Themeforest’s top selling WordPress themes. With this theme, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish in 4 hours.

How about building a website from scratch and delivering it, for example? The secret lies in having ready access to over 260 pre-built websites. You can install any one of them with a single click; then customize it to meet your client’s needs. This cool 40-second video demonstrates how easy it is to get a 4-hour work session underway.

With Be Theme, you won’t waste time looking for the perfect match for a client’s niche. You will be able to customize the content of a pre-built website in a breeze.

  1. 10 Most-Common Types of Clients You’ll Win Over with Be Theme

For Clients That Sell Online Courses: Be eLearning

Building an eLearning website need not be challenging. This responsive and easy-to-customize pre-built website guarantees you’ll give your clients exactly what they want and need – an e-learning platform that will entice customers to keep coming back for more.

For Small Businesses Owners: Be Craftbeer

Be Craftbeer has all the ingredients to get your website design and development off to a great start for a client selling handcrafted products. This pre-built website, with its cool JavaScript effects and large images will, in fact, serve you well when you need to build a website for almost any small business.

For Interior Design & Architecture Industry Clients:  Be Tiles

You may not fully understand an interior architect/designer’s business model, but delivering a website based on Be Tiles will make you look like an expert on the subject. Be Tiles’ high-quality images and design elements provide the base you need to make any product stand out.

For Those in the Creative Industries: Be Artist

Innovation is the watchword for clients representing this niche, and their tastes and standards can often be difficult to accommodate. Be Artist, with its JavaScript portfolio filtering and parallax scrolling, makes meeting these standards and the need for an innovative approach a piece of cake.

For Clients Working in the Catering Industry:  Be Burger

Don’t just settle for a “great” catering service website design. Build one for your client that stands out from the crowd. After all, that’s what they are counting on you to do. Large, good-enough-to-eat images, and Be Burger’s easy order forms will do the trick.

For Clients in the Health and Fitness Industries: Be Sports Club

Health, fitness, and sports clubs keep growing in popularity, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at most of the websites. With the Be Sports Club pre-built website to get your web design underway, you’ll have clients in this popular niche lining up for your services.

For Your Travel and Lodging Industry Clientele: Be Hotel2

High-end hotels and resorts will pay well for the website services they need. You needn’t be afraid of charging a premium price when you can install a pre-built website like this one, customize it to fit your client’s needs, and delivered an awesome product within a few hours.

For Owners of a Restaurant or Bistro: Be Restaurant

Be Restaurant provides a design concept you can take and run with if you truly want to wow your client(s) with a website unlike anything the competition has to offer. It was designed to meet the needs of a Michelin-rated restaurant, a restaurant you’ll likely find at a destination resort or the quaint bistro around the corner.

For Your IT Clients: Be VPN

IT clients expect you to be serious and innovative in your design approach and provide them with a website that’s well-structured and highly professional in appearance. With Be VPN as a starting point, it’s easy to do. Adding a human touch or two to the design won’t hurt any either.

For Your Clients Who Sell Luxury Cars: Be Car

A luxury car dealership deserves an elegant and engaging website the matches its high-end products. Be Car, with its stunning hero image and astute use of white space, does precisely that. Customizing Be Car to include the dealer’s information should take you 4 hours max.

  1. So, What’s Keeping You Away from Your Dream?

Is it a bad case of procrastination that’s keeping you away from your 4-hour working day dream? Or is it a fear of change, and a reluctance to leave your comfort zone; which really isn’t all that comfortable, is it? Also, there’s a fear that by working less, you’ll automatically earn less.

Ask yourself this. Would you like to know the way of finishing a project that would normally take a day or two of your time in a couple of hours?

Look no further than Be Theme. Explore in detail one or more of the ten examples you’ve just seen. You will discover that much or the up-front design and development work has already been done for you! This will save you a ton of time that you can reserve for the beach!


Right now, it is the best time possible to take the leap. It’s not a leap into the unknown either. You’ll know right away what you’ve gotten into, and you’ll like what you see. Turning out a website from scratch in 4 hours may have seemed like a pipe dream up until now.

Just select the pre-built website and have the content and images at hand to start customizing it. Next thing, you will discover your newfound ability to deliver the high-quality website! You client will get the desired material in no time, and you can take the afternoon off!

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Check Out 9 Unique Be Pre-Built Websites and Their New Installer

Be’s New Pre-Built Installer

The old Be pre-installer had a lot going for it. For one thing, you could install a pre-built website with a single click, and immediately begin editing. That’s still the case of course. Up to that point, however, the installer has some shortcomings. Selecting and previewing pre-built websites was not an efficient process, nor were you given any indication whether you had the right plugins in place to get the performance you expected.

                                    The old installer’s UX left something to be desired.

To find a pre-built website that would work for you, required scrolling through a large (and every increasing) selection of themes. If what you found wasn’t exactly the right choice, you had to repeat the process. You also had to guess whether you had the right plugins at the time of installment.

Fixes were made to create an intuitive, more pleasant to work with, UX.

  • Fix #1No more scrolling. Thumbnails of all 250+ pre-built websites can be viewed in the admin area. To get a live preview of a theme, simply click on its thumbnail. It’s no longer necessary to switch to and fro between Be’s presentation page and the admin area.

                          The new Be pre-built website installer. Scrolling issue solved.

  • Fix #2. A live search and filter option makes selecting a pre-built website even faster and easier. You’ll come to appreciate this feature even more as the number of pre-built websites continues to grow at a clip of several per month. The filter option lets you check out several potential candidates, and select the best fit without having to repeat the process several times.
  • Fix #3. This one can save you some time and trouble. When you’ve selected a pre-built website, and are ready to preview and install it, the new installer will show you which plugins are needed for it to perform just as in the preview. It will also show which of the necessary plugins are already installed, and give you the option to install missing ones.

                        See the plugins each pre-built website needs for it to work properly.

  • Fix #4. You no longer have to import the entire pre-built website. This new feature enables you to import the page options, the content, or both, and you can select only those pages you need.

                         You install what you need, and only what you need, from a pre-built website.

This video shows how the new installer operates:


A Review of the 9 Latest Pre-Built Websites

Be Sports Club

Health and fitness centers, sports centers, and gyms like to advertise themselves as being current in terms of facilities and training services. This modern Be Sports Club design, with its cool special effects, provides a sound basis for a website that will serve this purpose.

Be Productions

It’s dark background and smooth parallax scroll effect makes this pre-built website suitable for many purposes. It will serve nicely as a foundation on which to build an advertising agency’s or motion graphics studio’s website. Note how the page’s colors and message stand out against the dark background.

Be Diet

To be effective, a food-related website should feature large, high-quality images that are almost good enough to eat. The Muffin Builder designers went to considerable lengths to make that happen in the case of Be Diet. The images are backed up by a cool selection of special effects.

Be Boutique

If you’re not sure how to make a background video work effectively in your website designs, let Be Boutique show you the way. This pre-built website is also a great starting point to build an engaging, but not overly showy, portfolio.

Be Stone

The Be Stone pre-built website conveys a special message. There’s no reason to have to put up with a company website that is dull, uninteresting, or downright awful looking. Give Be Stone a try the next time you’re commissioned to build a modern, slick looking website for a business.

Be Guest House

Real estate agents go to great lengths to make their properties as fabulous looking as possible. The same is true for individuals who have a guest house or cabin to rent. Be Guest House provides a great starting point for building a website for either customer type.

Be Wildlife

Although Be Wildlife may be destined for a wildlife photographer’s website, it can be put to good use for any professional photographer or photographic studio. This pre-built website makes great use of fixed layouts, in combination with a clever slider and parallax effects.

Be Restaurant

This is a good example of a website that will make visitors want to reach for the phone to make a reservation. As is the case with Be Wildlife, Be Restaurant puts slider effects to very good use. Including people in the hero image is also a good approach.

Be Furniture

Images play a key role in every one of this selection of latest pre-built websites. Be Furniture is no different, and the concept it presents can make it easier for you to build a website any furniture store client will love.


An Overview of Be Theme’s Features

  • For starters – Over 250 Pre-Built Websites You’ll seldom have any difficulty in finding a pre-built website that matches what you envision; plus, you can build virtually any website from almost any theme you select.
  • Muffin Builder – Working in conjunction with the options panel, this page builder makes customizing a theme and editing a page, easy – without any need for coding.
  • Layout Configuration – Building a website page when starting with a blank canvas has never been easier; no more need for cookie cutter-looking websites with this feature at your fingertips.
  • 200+ Shortcodes – Add cool features and functionality to your web pages, without having to write a line a code.
  • Advanced Typography – Use Google fonts, or upload your own special fonts; Use any style, weight, or size you want.
  • Parallax Effect/ Video Background – These are just two of the many special effects that come with the Be Theme package.
  • Lifetime Updates – With your Be license, you can look forward to receiving the latest pre-built website releases each month.

And More:

Be’s customer support is first class in every respect, plus you’ll have video tutorials and other useful information to help you along the way. You’ll also be joining 62,000+ satisfied Be users when you purchase a license to use this Themeforest best seller.

Click here to discover even more about Be Theme.

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11 Fullscreen Menus in Adobe Muse

Muse For You - BIG Menu Widget Update - Adobe Muse CC - Web Design Ledger

Add a Fullscreen Menu to your Adobe Muse Website. No Coding Skills Required.

 Muse For You - Adobe Muse CC Adobe Muse CC Logo

A big part of a website is the navigation menu. Well designed menus can make navigating a website easier and more interesting. One of the first things I look for when looking at a website is where the menu is located and how it functions. Since the inception of web development menus keep evolving and getting more creative. I personally love menus that animate from different directions when you click on the menu button, and menus that cover the entire screen.

One of my first widgets was the BIG Menu Widget. It consists of 11 fullscreen menus that cover the entire website when clicking on the menu button. I have recently updated it to allow for custom open and close buttons. You can also rotate the open and close button on hover. There is now the ability to close the menu when clicking on the links as well which is very useful on a one page scrolling website. In the video tutorial above I go over the new features and updates to the BIG Menu Widget.

Here are the steps to add the BIG Menu Widget:

1. Install the widget by double clicking on the .mulib file. The widget will then install into the Adobe Muse library panel. If you do not see the library panel go to Window > Library.

2. From the library panel you will be able to select from 11 different fullscreen menus. To find the BIG Menu widgets quickly type in “BGMNU” in the library panel search bar.

3. Drag and drop a menu onto your Adobe Muse website. At first you will just say a 50×50 box with an exclamation point. This is because an open button image has not been added.

4. Add a custom open button image in the “Open Menu” section. You can change the size of the open button as well as enable rotation on hover. Within the widget folder there are icons to help you get started if you do not have your own custom icons.

5. Add a custom close button in the “Close Menu” section. You can change the size of the close button as well as enable rotation on hover.

Muse For You - BIG Menu Widget Update - Adobe Muse CC - Web Design Ledger

6. In the “Menu Styling” section you can select the color for the menu overlay as well as style the text for the links.

7. To change the font for the menu select the widget and use the built-in Adobe Muse “Text” option in the upper toolbar. From here you can select any web font from the fonts menu.

8. Select the amount of menu items for the menu in the “Menu Items” section. Here you can also set the text for the menu items and the links. You can link to an anchor point, internal page, or external page. There is a “Linking – More Info” section for reference on how to link the menu items.

9. Go to File > Preview Page in Browser to see how the menu looks.

10. Done!

Muse For You - BIG Menu Widget Update - Adobe Muse CC - Web Design Ledger

For more video tutorials and widgets for Adobe Muse visit

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Super Deal: Mega Snow & Winter Bundle from Feingold Design – only $11!

This bundle contains 9 high-quality design products for your perfect winter time. Simulating photorealistic snow or fog for photography, web or print design has never been that easy. Various snow objects as well as 16 artistic snowflakes with transparent backgrounds will add a special touch to your Christmas and winter designs. The pack of winter photos and a frozen text effect rounds everything up, and is perfect for social media posts, bloggers or web shop owners.


  • Real Snow Brushes for Photoshop CS1+: This high resolution brush for Photoshop was created to paint falling and lying snow or photorealistic frozen effects. The snow flakes were cut out of real photographic material and can be used to create quite realistic snowscapes.
  • Real Snow Photo Overlays for Photoshop CS4+: Just drag one of the 4 different snow-layer folders on top of your photo. Each of the 4 preconfigured overlays consist of 8 different layers to control the amount and depth of snow.
  • Fog Effect for Photoshop CS4+: Realistic and lossless high quality fog effect prepared to fit for portrait, landscape, architecture or panorama photos. Easy to apply, just drag & drop the adjustment layer folder on top of your photo.
  • Frozen Text Effect for Photoshop CS4+:The Photoshop document provides simple adjustment settings for text layers to create frozen looking text. The effect is prepared for dark and bright backgrounds and comes fine-tuned in 7 different sizes (6pt to 180pt).
  • Snow Line Elements and Icicles : 27 photographic high-resolution snow line elements. Perfect to add more realistic snow to your web design, poster, greeting- or post card layouts. Cut out and prepared for easy use. Delivered in transparent PNG-files (38 files).
  • Seamless Snow Texture (1 JPG image file & PS Action): This seamless high-resolution snow texture was made to generate large snow surfaces. One JPG-file, 4717 × 3146 pixel, 300dpi. Including Photoshop Actions to generate large surfaces.
  • Abstract Snowflakes (16 transparent PNG image files): Want something special on your Christmas or business cards? This bundle includes 16 transparent snowflakes you can work with. Each flake is 2000 x 2000 pixel large (about 15 x 15 cm in print at 300 dpi).
  • Abstract Snowflake Generator for Photoshop CS4+: Paint your own individual snowflakes with the help of this PSD-file. You only paint one-twelfth of the snowflake and the Smart Object does the rest for you. Just paint with brushes into the Smart Object to get your 2000 x 2000 pixel snowflakes directly.
  • Winter & Snow Photo Pack (36 JPG image files): 36 winter photos matching a wide variety of snow related topics.

Check all the previews here.

Normally, this mega vector collection sells for $642 but for a limited time only, you can get Mega Snow & Winter Bundle for just $11 – That’s a monstrous savings of 98% off the regular price.Go here to get this awesome deal!

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How to Build a Landing Page That Converts

featured image

Are you looking for the best and proven solution to build a professional web presence for your business or personal project? Ask any marketing specialist and he will tell you that a well-built landing page is exactly what you need to make people talk about you. But how to build a landing page that will convert accidental visitors into loyal customers? How to generate new leads for your business? How to design a powerful landing page? Let’s cover all of these aspects in one blog post.

A landing page is a place where the online story of your business begins. A landing page is the first spot that the users come across when looking for some general information about your business. This is the simplest and the most effective way of engaging the audience and inviting them for a productive dialogue.

What are landing pages all about?

  • A landing page represents one message that you want to deliver to your audience. It promotes a specific product/service/action and demonstrates all benefits of using it.
  • The design of the landing page should be clear and simple. It should stick to one point and provide for a simple comprehension of the content. The main objective is to captivate the users’ attention and arouse their desire to learn better about you and try your offers.
  • A landing page is intended to make viewers click.
  • A landing page is a single page made up of several clearly defined blocks that target to represent one message in a captivating, effective way.

Web Developer Landing Page Template
Depending on the way a landing page is designed, we can judge the potential success that a business standing behind it will attain. The more user-friendly a landing page is designed, the higher chances of triggering the users’ curiosity you have. It’s not a rocket science to build a professional landing page. Let’s consider the most effective tips on how to get started right and appeal to a wider audience.

Tip #1 Keep the Page Clean, Well Structured

The primary goal of a landing page is to make a clear presentation of a business it represents. In order to make it easier for your visitors to convert, it should have a simple and intuitive design. So that even first-time visitors will find it easy to come across the necessary piece of content effortlessly.

What makes the design of a landing page effective? These are the clever use of colors and bold, quality images that will look razor sharp on any screen. Call-to-action buttons and subscription forms (it depends on what specific goal your landing page pursues) should be put front and central. The key converting elements should look contrasting within the interface. CTAs should be painted in bright hues. Headlines and subheadings should look outstanding as a user scans your content.

A cool example of a landing page design built in clean style is Web Developer Landing Page Template. Suited for launching landing pages representing web design studios and freelancers, it features a well-structured, quick-to-scan design. CTAs and icons look contrasting to the background. The theme also makes clever use of whitespace, which adds a balanced touch to the layout.


Web Developer Landing Page Template
Tip #2 Make a Powerful Headline

A landing page should clearly communicate its objective. A headline is probably the first thing that your visitors will come across when reaching the page. That’s why a headline that makes a clear statement will help them better understand your objective. In addition to pushing the main value proposition in the headline, you can explain different aspects of certain software or offer in subheadings. When thinking about the main texts of the landing page, keep in mind that you are limited to 8 seconds only to convince the audience that your offer is truly worthy of their attention.

Let’s take a look at the following example. Car Repair Responsive Landing Page Template represents services provided by an auto repair company. It makes use of a bold headline and a set of subheadings that represent different aspects of the business. In the header of the page, there is an integrated appointment manager. It welcomes the users to make a request in a simple and intuitive manner.


Car Repair Responsive Landing Page Template
Tip #3 Make It Trustworthy

A landing page needs to have a set of trust signals, which will make your business look reliable in the eyes of your visitors. What elements are we talking about? These are blocks with user testimonials that are easy-to-locate on the landing page. The word of mouth is known as one of the most effective marketing “assistants”. People tend to trust fellow-shoppers far better than a well-written marketing text by the top specialists of your company. Other trust signals that you can opt for are star ratings, “likes” and “shares” that people leave on your site or share with their social media followers, respectively.

Consulting Landing Page Template features a clearly visually defined block with user testimonials, which accompanies a block with team members and a list of company benefits. The testimonials are organized into a carousel slider, letting your clients look through the feedback left by several users at a time.

Consulting Landing Page Template
Tip #4 Keep Forms Short & Clear

As a person reaches your landing page, he/she can be asked to fill in a certain form, which will be of use to you for certain marketing purposes. It’s clear that you need to collect as much data about your clients as possible. Still, it is of tremendous importance to keep those forms as short as possible. The more fields you ask them to fill in, the less likely they will get to the last question and complete the necessary conversion.

The following landing page includes a simple inquiry form made of three lines only, which increases the chances of attaining the desired action from your visitors.
Real Estate Responsive Landing Page Template


Tip #5 Make It Mobile-friendly

These days any web page should adjust to a variety of screen resolutions on the fly. People have shifted from desktops to handheld devices, so the way your landing page looks and feels on a touchscreen plays a predefining role. A mobile-friendly landing page will double your conversions and keep the users more engaged.
Thanks to the availability of a huge variety of pre-designed landing pages, there is no need to create a separate version of your site for mobile phones and tablets. Travel Agency Landing Page Template is one of such pre-designed responsive solutions. The theme runs on Bootstrap framework, which will scale all data provided on the page up and down to any screen size possible.


Travel Agency Landing Page Template
Tip #6 Know Your Audience

What kind of users do you target? Is that male or female audience? Are those adults or youngsters? The design of your landing page is heavily dependent on the way you answer these questions. Different people react to the same design elements differently. One of the aspects that we want to highlight is the color scheme of your landing page. Women are known to enjoy designs built in warm colors far better than the ones built in cool hues. Men, in their turn, enjoy more neutral, clear and concise web design style. That is why a landing page built in cool hues will be a perfect match for them.

As the name implies, Maria’s Bakery MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder targets the users who have a sweet tooth, i.e. women and kids. More often than not ladies make sweets and bake something tasty at home. So, building such a landing page in warm hues is a clever move.
Maria's Bakery MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

Ready-made Landing Page Designs for a Quick Start

How lucky we are to have an abundance of pre-designed landing page templates to choose from! Intended to be used by people of different backgrounds and of all skill levels, they allow you to get started with a landing page of your business or personal project in the shortest period of time. As a rule, landing page templates are designed to suit a particular purpose. These are fully editable and can be adjusted to match your personal requirements to the fullest.

For this blog post, we have hand-picked 5 landing page templates, which are developed as per the latest web requirements and can go live out-of-the-box.

Webinar MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

The theme is best suited for presenting online education projects to the web community. Featuring a sleek and stylish design, it looks very trendy. The header includes a large hero image with bold CTAs atop of it. Neat fonts enhance the content readability. Texts make a perfect balance with images, making the data easier to browse. The theme is integrated with a drag-and-drop content editor, making it possible even for non-tech savvy users build versatile pages effortlessly.


Webinar MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder
Traffic School Landing Page Template

Here is one more pre-designed landing page template best suited for educational purposes. It features a clean and minimalist design. The layout makes clever use of whitespace, bringing the content to the foreground. The theme’s header is pre-loaded with a simple booking form, which welcomes the users to get the first lesson for free. Counters provide for clearer content presentation.


Traffic School Landing Page Template
Business Responsive Landing Page Template

This business landing page will appeal to the male audience the most. The dark-colored design looks professional and reliable. Clear and concise style brings emphasis to the highlighted data/benefits of a business that the page represents. With the purpose to bring the users’ eye to several featured messages, the header is pre-loaded with a responsive carousel slider.


Business Responsive Landing Page Template
Home Repairs Responsive Landing Page Template

The theme is designed in flat style. Bold hues make the design an eye-catcher. Designed with attention to details, the theme provides online visitors with a seamless and intuitive browsing experience. A simple booking form is easy to reach in the header. A list of services is organized into a grid-based list and enhanced with neat, recognizable icons. A separate block with user testimonials is intended to grow the users’ trust. Contact details are accompanied by a built-in Google map widget, letting the online audience reach you with ease.


Home Repairs Responsive Landing Page Template
Job Seeker Landing Page Template

The theme is intended to become a rock-solid starting point of online CVs. Job portals can also make use of it for an impressive and user-friendly presentation of their services to the web community. A couple of CTAs are put front and central in the theme’s header. Success stories are intended to grow people’s confidence in your business. A simple contact form and contact details make it possible to reach a person/company standing behind the landing page straight away.
Job Seeker Landing Page Template
*** If you need a wider selection of professionally built, responsive landing page templates, please follow this link.
If you want to customize one of those templates, it’s really easy to do, but if you don’t have enough time, you’re free to apply to TemplateMonster’s Service Center.

Here we go. We hope that the aforementioned tips will come in handy to you when building or redesigning a landing page. The conversion-oriented theme that we have showcased today will grow your business popularity in the eyes of the web community and grow people’s trust in what you are doing. Go check this out by yourself.

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My Journey Of Learning Programming Through Flatiron School #4

flatiron school

My name is Mason Ellwood and I’m currently working on Flatiron School’s Online Full Stack Web Development Program. Each week, I’ll be writing about my experience, what I’m learning, and tips on learning to code.

In the last post, I covered the definitions of a failing test and what data types Ruby, super fun stuff! Now that everything had a definition applied to it we are ready to get into arrays and interpolation! Heck yeah!

Arrays are used to store data as a collection. They do this by declaring literals or variable names separated by commas and wrapped in square brackets


Ex: this_is_an_array = [ “slot-one”, “slot-two”, “slot-three”, “slot-four”, “slot-five”, “slot-six”]



*A class is a kind of like a template for creating objects in Ruby.

*A bundle is simply a bundle of information and behaviors.

*And a string is an object

Within your array, each element within your array is associated with a number that represents their order, this is called an index and they begin their index at 0.


Ex: this_is_an_array = [ “slot-one”, “slot-two”, “slot-three”, “slot-four”, “slot-five”, “slot-six”]


In order to call an element in the array you just created you must call the name of the array the number in which you want to call.


Ex: this_is_an_array[0] => “slot-one”


To assign a new value to a current index of that array, you can call the array index of the number you want to re-assign and define it to a new variable.



Or you can place, put, or take away whatever you want anywhere within this array. You can do this with a variety of different methods. I will not be covering every instance that was covered in the lesson, but for an example you can use the shovel method which employs the shovel operator ( << ) which allows you to add items at the end of the array. Similar to the shovel method you can also use #push method to do the same thing.



Moving forward I am finally ready to cover methods. Basically with arrays and methods you can do just about anything in Ruby and are the staple of the language. So what is a method…. It defines something new your program can do. They teach your Ruby program about a new routine or behavior it can use. This is an incredible tool because to my understanding they are the meat of your program and allow the practice of DRY or don’t repeat yourself logic. By defining your method once you can then call the method as many times as you would like.



The code above may seem dumb…. But if i encapsulate the repetitive strings within a method I do not need to repeat myself over and over again, remember to work towards  DRY haha. So the above method I wrote def a_bunch_of_strings is the method signature, which defines the basic properties of the method including the name of the method which is a_bunch_of_strings. Everything inside of this is considered the body, and remember this must in end. Once a method is defined you can call is as many times as you would like by using the method name. Then through string interpolation we can then make it dynamic (to check out more on string interpolation please check out this link:



Up until this point, I have not had any real issues with the Flatiron Schools, in fact it has been really enjoyable. This next post I may jump ahead quite a bit, so bear with me. But everyone I have met within the school has been great. What I really like is that once I finally do reach out to customer support with questions about the current course work, they don’t just belatedly tell you what the solution is, which is great. They allow me to work through it myself while they nudge me in the right direction. This can get kind of confusing though because you are communication over instant messenger. Which can be difficult when trying to work through which piece of your code does not work.

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Is This the Solution Designers Have Been Looking For? Or Is It Just Another Hosting Provider?

If you are a designer, your core job is to focus on designing websites for your clients and handing over the complete, hosted website, to the user. It is not your job to manage the server nor is it your responsibility to get tangled in the intricacies of hosting websites. So who should you trust in such circumstances? It is simple: A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

With that said, finding a good Cloud Hosting Platform service is not easy anymore. Cloud Hosting is gaining great popularity day by day, and every other hosting firm is taking part in this Cloud Hosting business.

As there are numerous options available in the market, designers, and designing agencies hesitate to experiment with new Cloud Hosting Platforms. Professional people are not really into moving their application to another service because no one wants to risk their work and data.

In spite of all these practices, I thought out of the box and experimented with a managed cloud hosting platform about which I had heard a lot from some people. Apart from the word-of-mouth, I also read reviews of this platform. It is a relatively new service, based in Barcelona; it is known as Cloudways. However, once on board, I did not feel the service is new as the service was professional and seems like they know what they are doing. I am sure, as a design agency, you will be wondering how my experience with Cloudways was? To answer this question, let’s get to know about Cloudways in detail.

Launch Your First Cloud Server

By going through Cloudways blog and reading all the reviews regarding Cloudways, I was more than convinced that this managed cloud hosting platform should be given a chance. To make things better, Cloudways offers a free trial period of up to fourteen days. I feel these are more than enough to test out the platform and experience the offered services.

The process was simple; I just had to provide an email and choose a password to sign into Cloudways. After signing in, the process of launching a server and choosing an application is smooth as well.

Choosing an Application

Cloudways offers more than twelve applications on their platform, and all of them are deployable in one click. These applications include WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, PHP stack, and other prominent web applications.

As I was working on a WordPress website, I chose WordPress for this particular instance.

Give Your App a Name

After you are done with choosing your application, you have to give a name to your app, server, and project folder. Don’t worry; you can rename all these parameters later as well.

Pick Your Cloud Infrastructure

Cloudways is managed cloud platform that lets you host on different popular cloud infrastructures. Currently, Cloudways offers five market-leading cloud server infrastructure providers:

For the purpose of this review, I chose DigitalOcean as it offers a trial period of 14 days and because it is the fastest growing cloud provider.

Give Your Server Some Space and Speed

Scaling your server was never this easy. Just slide the bar and scale up your server in a second. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the wrong size of your server because you can always add more space to your server and other performance functionalities later too.

Pro Tip: Cloudways also offer an auto-scalable cloud infrastructure in the form of Kyup. This basically takes away all your worries related to your server’s traffic or a sudden influx of traffic.

For starting, I would recommend you to choose a minimum of 1GB server size. Why? Because with the 1GB plan, you you would be able to gauge the whole service in full throttle, including the support. It is a win-win situation as it is a Free Trial and you are not charged.

Select Your Server’s Location

Decide upon your target audience and choose your server’s location carefully as your server should be located nearest to your target audience. Currently, Cloudways offers eight locations for DigitalOcean.

You Are Ready to Launch

Click on launch button and wait for 7 to 10 mins. Cloudways will now set up your server by optimizing and configuring it accordingly.

That was like a walk in the park. It was simple, crisp, and minimal effort was required. From a designer’s perspective, I feel relaxed that I didn’t have to go through the hassles of a complex UI just to launch a server.

When launched, the following screen appears. By the looks of it, the Platform looks appealing and user-friendly. Let’s dive in a bit into the functions the Platform offers.

Too much to grasp? Here is a video to get you started with the Cloudways Platform.

Server’s Dashboard

The trip to Cloudways does not end here as there is a whole dashboard for doing different tweaks and tips to your server. The dashboard is user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry if you are an IT professional or a learning beginner. Each function of the server is located separately on your left, and all the main tabs are placed on the top.

This orderly placement of options makes it easy for a user to locate what function he wants to work on.

Server Management

Server Management takes care of all your needs regarding server modification. All primary functional related options are included in this tab. Some of the distinctive features are Master Credentials, Settings, and Packages, Security, Vertical Scaling, Backups, etc.

Master Credentials

Master Credentials is a tab containing all the confidential information you need to access your server and application. These credentials include access details of your SSH, SFTP keys, public IP, Username, and Password. It also includes an SSH Terminal which is launched through the browser. However, if you are not familiar with all these, you need not get your hands dirty.


Keeping all the servers behind a sophisticated firewall, Cloudways cares more for your security. Its security features include Free SSL Certificates by Let’s Encrypt and adding more value to its security; Cloudways has HTTP/2 enabled on its platform which means all your data is secure behind complex protocols that aren’t easy to breach.


Backup is an exciting feature offered by Cloudways. You can always save backups of your server on daily, weekly, and monthly basis by setting up the backup frequency and backup retention rate. Moreover, by enabling a local backup feature, you can always create the latest backup of your application.

Application Management

Cloudways takes care of your server and application needs separately. Application Management tab deals with all settings regarding your chosen application. Various offerings of Application Management tab includes Access Detail, SSL Certificate, Deployment via Git, Migrator tools, etc.

Access Detail

This tab includes all the necessary information used to interact with your application plus it also has access to Cloudways database manager. Other information includes credentials of SSH/SFTP and admin panel. You can use this tab to access your WordPress admin panel.

Deployment via Git

Git is like an open arena for developers where they can share, experiment and experience their code. Since Cloudways wants you to share and experience your work globally, its platform supports code deployment through Git. You just have to generate SSH keys and put your desired version over the cloud.

Migrator Tools

In case if you are already thinking of moving to Cloudways, but are scared of migrating your WordPress, then you can always opt for their automated WordPress migrator tool. You can always migrate your application without any second thought because their team of engineers will look after your application from the start till the end, avoiding any malfunction. Oh, by the way, if you are using any other application, your first migration is free.

Pricing Plans

Pricing is one of the main concerns among most of the people and keeping this fact alive; Cloudways has pricing plans that caters to every audience. Their pricing plans start from $7 per month. Notably, I chose their plan of $17 per month which offers 1GB of RAM, 1 Core processor, 30GB of storage with 2TB of bandwidth. What is important to note here is that they are based on the Pay As You Go method, meaning, you only pay for the amount of server resources you use.

24x7x365 Support

Another major feature for Cloudways that caught my eye is their live chat support that is always there to guide you if you are stuck at some point. Moreover, they have their always updated knowledge base that is filled with simple, image-rich, tutorials that make it easier for a beginner to get accustomed to the operations of the Platform.

Ready to Fly?

Now that you know all about Cloudways and their lucrative offerings, I would recommend this amazing Cloud hosting platform to all designers regardless of whether they are professionals or beginners. Why? Here is a quick (brief) recap of what they offer:

  • User-friendly Platform with quick access to all your applications
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • 999% Uptime Guarantee
  • 50% reduction in page load times owing to ThunderStack caching recipe
  • 1-click operations for multiple server and application functions
  • Real-time monitoring of 15+ server performance metrics
  • HTTP/2 support with improved Varnish UI for better security and performance
  • Above average Affiliate program payout that pays on each conversion

However, there are few pointers to note that Cloudways lacks upon:

  • Many providers give the option of Domains within their panels. Cloudways does not, which makes it a hassle to register a domain from other providers and then point to Cloudways.
  • They have 24x7x365 online support. However, there is no option of a telephone support. There are some instances when you can get things done over the phone, instead of waiting in the queue to get your query resolved.

These are only some of the cons I found while exploring Cloudways. The rest of the features are all good, and up to date, including an innovational managed cloud hosting chatbot, CloudwaysBot, that notifies about server updates on preferred notification channels.

I signed up for their trial period and so can you to experience all the awesomeness. Give this platform a shot and let me know your opinion about their service.

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The Thick Standard – Bold Business Cards with Painted Edges Giveaway


We’re excited to collaborate with the innovators in print, Jukebox, for an amazing giveaway!

painted-edges-business-cardsFIVE winners will receive 500 ultra thick business cards with painted edges – What better way to show off your personal style than with the coolest business cards!?

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17 Great Letterpress Business Cards That Define Past and Present Craftsmanship


With the advancement of technology, sometimes it is good to move forward quickly, but sometimes it is good to connect with the past and use trusted precedents for print. With Letterpress Business Cards you get an old style printing method that has evolved from functionality into an art form. At Jukebox Print we understand that human creativity, just like the human body is constantly surpassing itself and raising the bar to new heights. By surpassing ourselves in Letterpress, we tested our skills and perfected the art and the result is the ability create unique things never seen before.

While we understand that looking at a picture of a Letterpress Business Card might not warm your soul quite like looking at a painting by Matisse does. Even still, we hope our work inspires you. Maybe after this, you will think Letterpress Business Cards are as cool as we do.

Circular Business Card


These 2″ Circular Business Cards were produced in fine detail with 15 colors of Letterpress. The final touch is exquisite pastel pink Painted Edges.

Jean Jullien Business Card


These unique die cut cards were produced for the Parisian designer Jean Jullien. Finished off with painted edges.

Lion Business Card


We took the challenge from designer Ksyu Deniska to create this intricate card with eleven colors of Letterpress and strokes as thin as .02 mm!

Don’t Try Studio Business Card


3ply Layered Business Cards with 5 colors of Letterpress made for Parisian designer Monge Quentin.

ABSOLUT Business Card


Letterpress is the perfect complement to other specialty print processes such as foil, as shown here with the beautiful black ABSOLUT card.

Ribbon Business Card


This cute ribbon-shaped card is the perfect design for an event planner.

Pillow Texture Business Card


This luxurious business card features a 3D embossed pillow texture with letterpress, making this one of the most expensive business cards around.

Deer Embossed Business Card


Wonderful 3D embossed card with a subtle touch of letterpress.

Bloom Creative Business Card


Combining creativity with functionality these cards feature 9 colors of letterpress with a deep impression, white foil stamping, and 3-ply layering. Each card has a unique color backing.

Vintage Business Card


This vintage Letterpress project was produced on paper from the late 1800’s! These cards were produced for Setback and Jukebox will soon provide the ability for people to order cards on real, vintage 100-year-old paper. These will truly be the most unique and original cards. The old style of printing combined with the antique paper makes this piece uniquely special. You can feel and smell the history of these cards and they are the perfect cards for any vintage selling company.

Ice Cream Business Card


This cute ice cream business card was generated with seven colors of letterpress. The color in the design is the result of immense details and pulls of a great retro look.

Pineapple Business Card


The cutest business card, a custom die cut in a pineapple shape with letterpress and gold foil.

Leather Business Card


Letterpress and real leather, a perfect combination. A multi-use as a hang tag that can double as a business card as well.

Seashell Business Card


3D embossed to the shape of a seashell with simple letterpress type. This card may look cute but is very difficult to execute!

Paint Swatches Business Card


his simple, colorful business card doesn’t seem so simple once you realize it was created with 19 different colors of letterpress!

Foxyards Business Card


Another stunning combination of Letterpress and 3D embossing.

Typewriter Business Card


This custom die cut typewriter is the perfect card for an old school writing enthusiast.

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Double Panel Hover Box Effect in Adobe Muse

Muse For You - Double Panel Hover Box WIdget - Adobe Muse CC

Add a Double Panel Hover Box Effect in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required.

 Muse For You - Adobe Muse CC Adobe Muse CC Logo

Adding hover effects over images can really engage website visitors and add more styling to your website. In the video above I go over how to add and style the Double Panel Hover Box widget found at

The Double Panel Hover Box widget is completely customizable and is responsive in width and height so the image keep its proportions as the browser size gets smaller or larger.

The steps to adding the Double Panel Hover Box widget are as follows:

1. Drag and drop the widget from the Library Panel. If you do not see the Library Panel go to Window > Library.

2. Add an image to the widget. If you would like the widget to be a certain size crop the image first to the desired dimensions and then place in the widget. For example if you wanted the widget to be a square you would crop the image to equal width and height before placing in the widget. After the image is placed you can resize the widget and the image will retain its width and height proportionally. You can use any photo cropping program or visit the following website to crop the image:

Remove any extra space around the widget container by dragging in the sides of the widget container around the image.

Muse For You - Double Panel Hover Box WIdget - Adobe Muse CC

3. Set the maximum width and the minimum width for the image in the image section.

4. Set the colors of the panels in the effect section.

5. Set the transition speed of the panels in the effect section.

6. Add and style the text in the text section.

7. If you would like to link the hover box to an internal page, external page, or anchor point enter a link in the image section. There is the option to open the link in a new tab if it is an internal link or external link.

8. If you would like multiple Double Panel Hover Boxes with different styling simply change the instance number for each new widget.

9. Preview in the browser and hover over image to see effect.

10. Done.

Features Include:

  • Add multiple on one page
  • Set the image to be responsive with the built-in ‘Resize’ option in Adobe Muse
  • Set a maximum width and minimum width for the images
  • Customize the color of the hover effect
  • Set the speed of the hover effect
  • Add text over the hover effect
  • Set the color for the text
  • Set the font size for the text
  • Align text
  • Link image to an internal link, external link, or anchor point
  • Open link in a new page


For more video tutorials and widgets for Adobe Muse visit

Happy Musing :).

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