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Simbla, the Database Driven Website Builder

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Simbla, the Database Driven Website Builder

Simbla is a website builder launched back in 2013 by a team on enthusiasts and innovators. Built as a hassle-free solution for individuals and companies looking to establish an online presence and boost their businesses, Simbla impresses with elegance and functionality. In additional to building websites, Simbla also allows anyone to extend their website with database […]

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Check Out 9 Unique Be Pre-Built Websites and Their New Installer

Be’s New Pre-Built Installer

The old Be pre-installer had a lot going for it. For one thing, you could install a pre-built website with a single click, and immediately begin editing. That’s still the case of course. Up to that point, however, the installer has some shortcomings. Selecting and previewing pre-built websites was not an efficient process, nor were you given any indication whether you had the right plugins in place to get the performance you expected.

                                    The old installer’s UX left something to be desired.

To find a pre-built website that would work for you, required scrolling through a large (and every increasing) selection of themes. If what you found wasn’t exactly the right choice, you had to repeat the process. You also had to guess whether you had the right plugins at the time of installment.

Fixes were made to create an intuitive, more pleasant to work with, UX.

  • Fix #1No more scrolling. Thumbnails of all 250+ pre-built websites can be viewed in the admin area. To get a live preview of a theme, simply click on its thumbnail. It’s no longer necessary to switch to and fro between Be’s presentation page and the admin area.

                          The new Be pre-built website installer. Scrolling issue solved.

  • Fix #2. A live search and filter option makes selecting a pre-built website even faster and easier. You’ll come to appreciate this feature even more as the number of pre-built websites continues to grow at a clip of several per month. The filter option lets you check out several potential candidates, and select the best fit without having to repeat the process several times.
  • Fix #3. This one can save you some time and trouble. When you’ve selected a pre-built website, and are ready to preview and install it, the new installer will show you which plugins are needed for it to perform just as in the preview. It will also show which of the necessary plugins are already installed, and give you the option to install missing ones.

                        See the plugins each pre-built website needs for it to work properly.

  • Fix #4. You no longer have to import the entire pre-built website. This new feature enables you to import the page options, the content, or both, and you can select only those pages you need.

                         You install what you need, and only what you need, from a pre-built website.

This video shows how the new installer operates:


A Review of the 9 Latest Pre-Built Websites

Be Sports Club

Health and fitness centers, sports centers, and gyms like to advertise themselves as being current in terms of facilities and training services. This modern Be Sports Club design, with its cool special effects, provides a sound basis for a website that will serve this purpose.

Be Productions

It’s dark background and smooth parallax scroll effect makes this pre-built website suitable for many purposes. It will serve nicely as a foundation on which to build an advertising agency’s or motion graphics studio’s website. Note how the page’s colors and message stand out against the dark background.

Be Diet

To be effective, a food-related website should feature large, high-quality images that are almost good enough to eat. The Muffin Builder designers went to considerable lengths to make that happen in the case of Be Diet. The images are backed up by a cool selection of special effects.

Be Boutique

If you’re not sure how to make a background video work effectively in your website designs, let Be Boutique show you the way. This pre-built website is also a great starting point to build an engaging, but not overly showy, portfolio.

Be Stone

The Be Stone pre-built website conveys a special message. There’s no reason to have to put up with a company website that is dull, uninteresting, or downright awful looking. Give Be Stone a try the next time you’re commissioned to build a modern, slick looking website for a business.

Be Guest House

Real estate agents go to great lengths to make their properties as fabulous looking as possible. The same is true for individuals who have a guest house or cabin to rent. Be Guest House provides a great starting point for building a website for either customer type.

Be Wildlife

Although Be Wildlife may be destined for a wildlife photographer’s website, it can be put to good use for any professional photographer or photographic studio. This pre-built website makes great use of fixed layouts, in combination with a clever slider and parallax effects.

Be Restaurant

This is a good example of a website that will make visitors want to reach for the phone to make a reservation. As is the case with Be Wildlife, Be Restaurant puts slider effects to very good use. Including people in the hero image is also a good approach.

Be Furniture

Images play a key role in every one of this selection of latest pre-built websites. Be Furniture is no different, and the concept it presents can make it easier for you to build a website any furniture store client will love.


An Overview of Be Theme’s Features

  • For starters – Over 250 Pre-Built Websites You’ll seldom have any difficulty in finding a pre-built website that matches what you envision; plus, you can build virtually any website from almost any theme you select.
  • Muffin Builder – Working in conjunction with the options panel, this page builder makes customizing a theme and editing a page, easy – without any need for coding.
  • Layout Configuration – Building a website page when starting with a blank canvas has never been easier; no more need for cookie cutter-looking websites with this feature at your fingertips.
  • 200+ Shortcodes – Add cool features and functionality to your web pages, without having to write a line a code.
  • Advanced Typography – Use Google fonts, or upload your own special fonts; Use any style, weight, or size you want.
  • Parallax Effect/ Video Background – These are just two of the many special effects that come with the Be Theme package.
  • Lifetime Updates – With your Be license, you can look forward to receiving the latest pre-built website releases each month.

And More:

Be’s customer support is first class in every respect, plus you’ll have video tutorials and other useful information to help you along the way. You’ll also be joining 62,000+ satisfied Be users when you purchase a license to use this Themeforest best seller.

Click here to discover even more about Be Theme.

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My Journey Of Learning Programming Through Flatiron School #11

My name is Mason Ellwood, and I’m currently working on Flatiron School’s Online Full Stack Web Development Program. Each week, I’ll be writing about my experience, what I’m learning, and tips on learning to code.

Last week I was reading on wired that the next big blue collar job was going to be coding. I did not really know what to think of this. At first glance, programming lost its luster of being an untapped needed career, making me (a programmer) replaceable. This has always been the case but the recent boom of programmers is scary when entering a profession, competing against some of the smartest people in the industry.

On Wednesday I went to meet up with my weekly trivia team, and a new guy came who was a “full stack” developer. He used that term loosely because of the “what the heck does that entail” title that holds. But he kind of reaffirmed my fear of the article and agreed. Sure he said but this is no different than any other career now. It seems like everyone is fighting to stay ahead of the curve and automate as many processes as they can. Because technology has become such a cornerstone for many companies, automating and maintenance surly would follow. But because of this the need for “maintenance” increases especially within the dev community.

He agreed with the article, but development turning into the lusterless career path is not true. The need for developers is greater now that it has ever been. Being apart of the growing community of developers is a great place to be right now. And the need for “you” in a company setting is only going to become more prevalent.

Search Enumerables 

So picking up where we left off. Every method in Ruby must return a value. When we iterate or enumerate over a collection with #each, its return value is always the original constant. With this in mind, if we want to display the changed array values, dependent on what your method does, you may need to add an empty array ( new_array = [ ] ) to shovel ( << ) those values into.

There are many forms of #each, that can enact different outcomes. A few of the others are:

  • #select => When you invoke #select on a collection, the return value will be a new array containing all the elements of the collection that causes the block to pass a return value as true.
  • #detect/#find => #detect and #find can be used interchangeably. This will return only return the first element that makes the block true.  
  • #reject => #reject will return an array with the elements that return a false value

These listed above are all apart of the family of search enumerators whose purpose is to help you refine a collection to only matching elements.

A few that I use most often, I have found, is #each, #collect or #map (which are interchangeable), and each_with_index. A little more about enumerators can be found, and a quick reference that I have found very useful, is located here ( You will use these all the time, and I know how important this concept is. Locating and changing information based within your set of data is a key to programming. Essentially programming is the pushing and pulling of data and data manipulation. Being able to quickly and effectively iterate through data will increase your chances of landing a job, and becoming an officiant “blue collar worker” – as Wired so eloquently stated.

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Winter Sale on Designmodo Products, 50% OFF!

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Winter Sale on Designmodo, 50% OFF!

Got the winter blues? Let’s think forward to the end of winter with a 50% discount on all our products, including everything in the Designmodo Market! Use coupon code WINTER to save 50%. Add any (or all) of the goodies from the Designmodo Shop and Designmodo Market to your cart, use coupon code WINTER during checkout and watch […]

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20 Amazing Free Headline Fonts You Must Use In 2017

headline font

2017 is right around the corner and people are making some interesting predictions regarding typography.
“Gone were the days when the digital sphere is very reluctant on using flashy typography on websites. As one of the most powerful and straightforward ways to create brand personality and tone, expect that more brands will take advantage of over-sized and hand-drawn typography on their websites this 2017.”

To be honest, that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve read a gazillion articles with tips and tricks for using typography in branding, and almost every single one contained this advice. “Use hand-drawn fonts to give your brand a human touch”

However, while designing a landing page, poster, presentation or just an image for your blog, there are always certain things you need to highlight, and a hand-drawn font might now always do the trick. In this case, a proper typeface could be really helpful. If you want to make an impact and get people’s attention, you need to use huge bold headline fonts. Even bold font may have its own personality: elegant, light, funny, energetic or serious.

In this list we have put together 20 bold free headline fonts. To download the font you need to go to the primary source, so make sure to read a licence of the font before using it. Also, we’ve rounded up a few amazing helvetica alternatives that you should deffinitley check out.

Intro Condensed Free

20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines

DUAL typeface

20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines

AXIS Typeface

20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines

Bushcraft Font Family

20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines

JACK Font ($10)

20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines

Barry Free Font

20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines

Biko Font Family

20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines


20 Bold Huge Fonts Perfect for Headlines

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20 Gift Ideas for Web Designers

You’re reading 20 Gift Ideas for Web Designers, originally posted on Designmodo. If you’ve enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+!

Gift Ideas for Web Designers

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me … a MacBook Pro with Creative Suite. Well, that’s not exactly how the holiday jingle goes, but if you are a web designer this list of gift suggestions is for you. From expensive toys to books and fun tools, we have compiled 20 […]

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17 Great Letterpress Business Cards That Define Past and Present Craftsmanship


With the advancement of technology, sometimes it is good to move forward quickly, but sometimes it is good to connect with the past and use trusted precedents for print. With Letterpress Business Cards you get an old style printing method that has evolved from functionality into an art form. At Jukebox Print we understand that human creativity, just like the human body is constantly surpassing itself and raising the bar to new heights. By surpassing ourselves in Letterpress, we tested our skills and perfected the art and the result is the ability create unique things never seen before.

While we understand that looking at a picture of a Letterpress Business Card might not warm your soul quite like looking at a painting by Matisse does. Even still, we hope our work inspires you. Maybe after this, you will think Letterpress Business Cards are as cool as we do.

Circular Business Card


These 2″ Circular Business Cards were produced in fine detail with 15 colors of Letterpress. The final touch is exquisite pastel pink Painted Edges.

Jean Jullien Business Card


These unique die cut cards were produced for the Parisian designer Jean Jullien. Finished off with painted edges.

Lion Business Card


We took the challenge from designer Ksyu Deniska to create this intricate card with eleven colors of Letterpress and strokes as thin as .02 mm!

Don’t Try Studio Business Card


3ply Layered Business Cards with 5 colors of Letterpress made for Parisian designer Monge Quentin.

ABSOLUT Business Card


Letterpress is the perfect complement to other specialty print processes such as foil, as shown here with the beautiful black ABSOLUT card.

Ribbon Business Card


This cute ribbon-shaped card is the perfect design for an event planner.

Pillow Texture Business Card


This luxurious business card features a 3D embossed pillow texture with letterpress, making this one of the most expensive business cards around.

Deer Embossed Business Card


Wonderful 3D embossed card with a subtle touch of letterpress.

Bloom Creative Business Card


Combining creativity with functionality these cards feature 9 colors of letterpress with a deep impression, white foil stamping, and 3-ply layering. Each card has a unique color backing.

Vintage Business Card


This vintage Letterpress project was produced on paper from the late 1800’s! These cards were produced for Setback and Jukebox will soon provide the ability for people to order cards on real, vintage 100-year-old paper. These will truly be the most unique and original cards. The old style of printing combined with the antique paper makes this piece uniquely special. You can feel and smell the history of these cards and they are the perfect cards for any vintage selling company.

Ice Cream Business Card


This cute ice cream business card was generated with seven colors of letterpress. The color in the design is the result of immense details and pulls of a great retro look.

Pineapple Business Card


The cutest business card, a custom die cut in a pineapple shape with letterpress and gold foil.

Leather Business Card


Letterpress and real leather, a perfect combination. A multi-use as a hang tag that can double as a business card as well.

Seashell Business Card


3D embossed to the shape of a seashell with simple letterpress type. This card may look cute but is very difficult to execute!

Paint Swatches Business Card


his simple, colorful business card doesn’t seem so simple once you realize it was created with 19 different colors of letterpress!

Foxyards Business Card


Another stunning combination of Letterpress and 3D embossing.

Typewriter Business Card


This custom die cut typewriter is the perfect card for an old school writing enthusiast.

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Is Your Web Development Team Making These (Common) Mistakes?

You’re reading Is Your Web Development Team Making These (Common) Mistakes?, originally posted on Designmodo. If you’ve enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+!

Is Your Web Development Team Making These (Common) Mistakes?

Designers who have the opportunity to work with a great development team are a fortunate lot. The others, not so much. If you’ve worked with inexperienced development teams, or teams that promise a quick turnaround but provide less than quality work, you could be excused. You probably think that bugs, slow loading, or bloated code, […]

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Mozello: A Website Builder For Creating Amazing Sites

mozello website builder

Due to the ever-increasing reach of the internet, having an online presence or website for your business is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Now, not everyone can code and deploy websites. Similarly, hiring web developers or design agencies too might be overkill and beyond the budget of many folks. If this is the case, a website builder can come to your rescue.

Basically, a website builder lets you create a blog, website or an eCommerce store with ease without having to deal with technical aspects of web development. A good website builder will take care of everything for you such as web hosting, coding, mobile-friendly websites, etc.

If you are looking for one such solution, meet Mozello. It lets you create modern, feature-rich and amazing websites in just a matter of a few clicks.

Mozello: A Website Builder For Creating Amazing Sites

What is Mozello?

Mozello is a simple and no-nonsense website builder that does just what it is supposed to do: help you create websites. It has a ton of features to its credit, and whether you are building a blog, a website or an online store, Mozello can handle it all.

Here is a basic run-down of all that Mozello has to offer:

  • Mozello lets you setup and build websites in just a matter of few clicks and within minutes.
  • Every website that you create using Mozello is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Thus, no matter which device your visitors might be using, your website will look great across all screen sizes.
  • Mozello supports multilingual websites and also offers exemplary SEO features.
  • You can integrate with external services such as Disqus or Google Analytics.
  • Mozello offers support and detailed documentation if you ever run into a problem.
  • Mozello can be used to create virtually any type of website: a portfolio, a corporate site, a blog, a news site, an online store, etc.
  • Mozello is totally ad-free (even on the free plan).
  • You need absolutely zero technical skills in order to use Mozello. In other words, there is no steep learning curve.


Mozello offers three plans for you to choose from — Free, Premium and Premium Plus. Let us run the features of each plan.

The Free plan, as the name suggests, is free of cost. You get 500 MB of storage and you can create an online store with ten items. The catch is that the free plan shows a Mozello link in the footer. Plus, you must use a sub-domain for your site such as If you have had any experience with free plans, you can notice a good deal of similarity here.

mozello website builder

The Premium plan of Mozello does away with all the limitations. You get 50 GB of storage and can add up to 100 items in your online store. Plus, you also have the ability to map your custom domain and there are no links to Mozello anywhere on your site. This plan costs $7 per month.

And the Premium Plus offers everything of the Premium plan, but with no limits. You get unlimited storage and can add unlimited products to your online store. For this plan, you will have to pay $14 per month.

Also, it is worth noting that all plans support mobile devices and offer great customization features to help you setup your website. Furthermore, social media integration, SEO, support for Google Analytics as well as access to HTML code is available on all the plans, including the Free plan.

Mozello in Action

Once you login to your Mozello account, you are presented with the choice to select the design template that you wish to work with. This, of course, can be changed later on.

Thereafter, the customization and editing happens by means of a frontend live editor. You just need to click on the concerned block or section and then you can edit it therein.



Similarly, adding a new font scheme or color scheme is also a matter of just a few clicks.



The sidebar on the left offers you links to the sections that you might need.

mozello sidebar

You can add a blog or news section to your site. It is interesting to see some fine details in Mozello. For instance, you do not see any mention of comments when live editing your website. But if you head to the Settings part of your blog, you will find a field to add your Disqus shortname and integrate Disqus comments on your blog.

mozello disqus website builder

In the Settings panel, you can specify the favicon for your website as well as Google Analytics tracking ID. You can also change your account settings.

mozello settings

For code junkies, the ability to add custom HTML code in body or head is also there.

mozello code

As you can see, creating and editing a website using Mozello is fairly easy and requires no knowledge of web design at all.


A good website builder should be able to do two broad tasks: save the user’s time and be powerful enough to accommodate different types of websites. Mozello accomplishes both of these tasks very well.

First, it can save you not just time and efforts but also money. Picturize this: you can code and build your website yourself. So you probably can invest time and save the Mozello fees. However, you still will need some place to host your site, and good web hosting is not always cheap. As such, even if you possess the technical skills required to build websites, you might still end up spending more than what you would’ve with Mozello. For $14, you can get unlimited storage with Mozello as well as a handy website builder; doesn’t happen everywhere, does it?

Secondly, Mozello does not churn one website after another. Instead, it gives you full control of your site. Don’t like a given block or page? Remove it or edit it. Wish to change the font scheme? Need a blog on your site? All yours!

Website builders are not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes, you do need access to a proper database as well as custom coded scripts. For example, if you are running a gigantic forum, you might be better off with a dedicated piece of software. However, for all practical purposes, if you wish to get online quickly either for your own site or your clients’, Mozello is a decent and worthy site builder that you should surely take a look at.

Visit Mozello

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16 Places to Find the Best Free Stock Photos

You’re reading 16 Places to Find the Best Free Stock Photos, originally posted on Designmodo. If you’ve enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+!

Find the Best Free Stock Photos

Good images are a key part of putting together a great website. But finding images to use can sometimes be difficult. Your options are to take the photos yourself, buy images from a photographer or stock image site or to find images that are free and available for use. That’s what we are going to […]

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