Should Your Blog Focus On Content Or Social Media?

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Blogging, by itself, isn’t always the best way to make money. But, it can be an effective way to promote a new business, Or, generate new interest in an established one!

If you want to be a pro blogger, there are certain things that will be expected of you. Here’s what you’ll need to focus on:

  • Great Design – A customized blog built with high quality templates.
  • Domain Name – Easy to remember and relevant domain name.
  • Great Content – The words that bring readers to your site.
  • Social Media – A form of marketing, how your readers share your content.

All of these are vital.

Great design and a good domain name are easy to understand. Content and social media are more complicated. Where should you focus? Creating great content, or promoting through social media?

What will get you the most bang for your buck? It’s confusing, to say the least!

Google doesn’t help things. They’re always changing their search engine requirements. For example, a few years ago the Panda and Penguin updates hurt many high-ranking sites. Those with first page results on Google search got wiped out, sent to back pages overnight. Tricks won’t work. There’s really no way to manipulate Google, or any other search engine. They’ll find out, and punish your site.


There’s only one way to dominate Google. You must provide value for your readers. How? By consistently creating and publishing valuable content. Here are some tips for great content:

  • Long – Search engines like long posts. Shoot for 250 to 500 words minimum.
  • Not Spammy – Don’t have too many outgoing links in your posts.
  • 100% Original – Don’t copy or plagiarize, Google knows!
  • Valuable – Don’t overly focus on SEO, write content for readers first, search engines second. Create good quality content that adds value to readers lives.

Social Media

But social media is also important! Social media helps spread the word and gets your content shared.

There are a variety of social media plugins out there. Digg Digg is just one example. Add them to your blog and make it easy for readers to share your work. Here are some of the more popular social media sites you can add to your posts:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

The more people share your work, the greater the chance that your post will go viral! Social media links are like search engine “juice.” More links equals better rankings.

So really, great content and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. Remember, the first step is great content, the second step is social media! That’s just common sense because most readers won’t share boring content.

Blogging might not be easy, but is is simple. Create a well-designed site with a great name; then give your readers an easy way to share your valuable content through social media channels. That will lead to more traffic, more readers, and for business owners – more sales.

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