7 Essential Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress by Christopher Ross

WordPress by Christopher Ross

WordPress is a premier content management system and blogging software. It’s very popular for many reasons. It’s flexible and fairly easy to use. And best of all, it’s free. And it’s not just for blogs. It can be used to create a variety of powerful e-commerce and money-making sites.

WordPress even offers a nice selection of basic templates, or themes. But free themes only go so far. They are usually limited. And, savvy readers and clients can tell if you’re using a low-quality, free template.

So, at some point you’ll need to step it up. Go pro. And that means investing in a premium theme. They’re MANDATORY for any serious blogger or business owner. Here at TemplateMela.com, we offer many well-designed and professional themes for your WordPress blog or business.

But, it’s also important to realize that even premium themes can be polished. You can customize them to fit your unique needs and desires. How? Using plugins. Plugins are small program add-ons that enhance your theme. Some are premium; you’ll need to pay for them. But, there are many FREE plugins that can enhance site performance and make life easier for you.

Here’s our list of free plugins that you should be adding to your WordPress blog.

1) All In One SEO Pack

This plugin should be required for all blogs. It makes it extremely easy to quickly optimize your WordPress website for search traffic. You can optimize the homepage, as well as individual pages and posts.

2) AA’s Digg Digg Alternative

An effortless way to share your new blog content. Install this floating share bar. Then, your readers can easily share their favorite posts on social media like Twitter or Facebook. Remember, social media links are vital to getting your message out.

3) BackUpWordPress

This one is very important, don’t skip it! You should back up your blog every single time you make changes! This plugin gives users a powerful way to back up a site and safeguard their hard work.

4) Limit Login Attempts

Keep those hackers and bots at bay. This simple but powerful plugin can be customized so that you can lock out malicious intruders who try to gain access to your blog.

5) Google Analyticator

A great way to track your blog traffic. Install it before your site goes live, so you get an accurate picture of your visitors from day one. You’ll need to open a Gmail account in order to access Analyticator.

6) Disqus Comment System

Encourage reader participation! Disqus is easy to install and has a nice clean design that can be integrated into many blog designs. Diqus is everywhere these days. So, there’s a good chance that your commenters are already using it.

7) Magic Action Box

A great way to get your visitors to take action after reading a blog post. Integrate this plugin with Aweber or MailChimp. It encourages readers to buy a product or sign up for your email list.

Of course, you can run your WordPress site without these plugins. But, they’re all free and easy to use. So, there’s really no downside to adding any of them. Remember, if you don’t like your free plugin, you can just deactivate and delete it!

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